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Louis Adams: Project 1 Proposal

The story structure for my stop-motion animation project is about a first year college student who attends the University of Minnesota. He is of African American descent who, is inspired by Greek life. He is especially interested in the stepping aspect of fraternities and sororities. He goes by the name M.V. Littlejon. The scene starts out with M.V. Littlejon walking the campus a couple weeks into his first semester. He happens to stumble upon this Greek sign that happens to appear in various places on campus.

Later that night he decides to take a walk up fraternity row to gain a little more knowledge about the signs he had seen earlier that day. At the very end of his journey he runs into the last fraternity house, which happens to be the only black fraternity house on campus. Throughout these first couple of scenes the shots I will be using long, stop animation shots. He decides to ring the doorbell and somebody comes to answer the door and his heart begins to race. At this point I will be using quicker, motion shots. He tells them that he’s interested in a showcase of stepping but short in the conversation he is informed that in order to do any stepping he has to be in the fraternity. He figures out how to join and decides to go with it.

Month later M.V. Littlejon is initiated into the fraternity and can now step. He hears about this contest from a national Greek step website where he submits a one-man showcase video of stepping to win $1,000. He uses the Icam on his MacBook laptop to film his stepping. This is where the first trick is used. M.V. Littlejon will seem to be a magician by the way he opens the computer and does all the camera positioning with his magical powers. The second trick is where he begins to do magical stepping. The fraternity he joined uses canes for stepping and twirling. At this point I’ll be using a mid shot to show how he makes his cane move without touching it.

After he is done stepping he edits his video, again using magical powers, and then submits his video. A couple weeks later he finds out that the judges have reviewed all of the submitted videos. He is very excited as he receives a call from one of the judges saying that he had the worst showcase of stepping and then wins no kind of money what so ever. He realizes that stepping was not his thing and he decides to quit stepping.

My influences for this theme were my fraternity brothers. They thought it would be a good idea for me to use this as a project since it seemed like something that hadn’t been done before. Some ideas for my project will be to actually take pictures on campus and use the college atmosphere to help bring out my theme. I will use background sounds (car, people talking, etc.) and actual dialogue. One of the props I will be using that will be detrimental to my trick will be a cane.