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TSINU HERAMO-Project 1 proposal

My stop-motion animation is going to focus on the manipulation of time and space by the camera. In the manner of a one man show, our subject is going to travel from one place to another in a way that is going to defy reality. Through the use of editing I will try to apply different tricks that are going to make those unrealistic scenarios believable.
My story begins with a guy walking into his empty Apartment. After checking what’s in the fridge he walks to the couch and takes a sit. He stares at the dark screen of the TV and looks for the remote to see what’s on. He looked too lazy to get up and fetch the remote, so in stead, he calls the remote with a finger motion. And funny enough, the remote starts crawling to the couch. After watching the sports channel for a while, he then picks up the remote once more and flips the channel to see what else is on. Only this time, when he presses the button on the remote, instead of the channel switching on the TV screen, the entire place changes and he finds himself in a different location.
He now finds himself outside sitting on a bench. To emphasize that the weather is cold and chilly he would rub his arms and shiver a little. On the right side of the bench lays a brown bag which would turn into a hot coffee cup when our subject puts his hands on it. He takes a sip and shows a face of satisfaction. After looking around for a bit, he picks up the remote one more time, points to the camera, and changes the channel once more. Which takes the scene to a different location one more time.

When this scene opens, he is sitting in a quite study room. This time there is a pretty girl sitting next to him. He turns to the right and gives her a flirtatious look. She too will turn to him and give him a quick smile. After exchanging a pleasant smile back and forth, he slides to her side. She then recognizes his advances and closes her books to give him her full attention. At that same moment, the remote that was laying next to him will start moving by itself. It slowly makes its way half way through the sidewalk before it gets stomped on by the foot of a stranger. Which will then picks up the remote takes a good look at it. At that moment, our main subject looks up as this new guy was staring at the remote with a curiosity. Upon realizing the guy was about to switch the channel just when he was starting to enjoy the show, he reacts to stop him from pressing on the button. Unfortunately, it was too late and brings our main subject back to his starting point. His quiet living room. He turns to the right and notices the remote beside him. He then picks it up and quickly tries to get back to the earlier moment. However, he founds out that moment of magic has already passed. With a look of disappointment and a cold smile, he turns the TV off and lays down on the couch.