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For my stop-motion-animation project, I used the camera to tell a story of a young man who magically transfers from one place to another every time he clicks the TV remote controller. I have always been fascinated with humans and their interaction with time and space. Various technological advances have made our world a lot smaller than it use to be many years ago. So, for my project, I decided to take that notion a step forward and have my character jump from one place to one another at the click of a button. Through the use of moving pictures, the interaction between time and space is manipulated.

My short clip consists of three main different scenes. Two of them take place indoors and one is outdoors in day light. In order to make the transition from one scene to another more believable and realistic, I had to adjust my color balance and hold the same camera position. The fist scene begins with my subject walking in to his empty apartment. We follow his actions across the apartment space until he is situated on the couch in front of the TV. The shot where we see the making of the jelly sandwich is placed to in a way to prepare the audience for what is to come.

The first transformation happens in the couch shot. The subject picks up the remote control to flip the channel, but in stead of the TV channel clearly audible in the back ground changing, the entire apartment space changes. The completely different outside setting is meant to symbolize the significance of the transformation. There is a noticeable difference in the space and time of the day. The hard cold wind and snow on the ground blowing from one side to another is meant to give the scene a very secluded and surreal look. The pace of the action is manipulated by freezing frames and adding music so that certain shots can stand out more. Once more our subject points the remote directly towards the camera and clicks a button. That of course is used to help transfer the scene in to a different place.

The third and the last scene is the only one we are introduced to others characters. However, we soon discover it doesn’t last long. Once more in this scene, I tried to keep the same shot composition so that the illusion of the surrounding changing not the subject can be created. In this particular scene, sound plays an important role in creating the mood. The couple of laugh tracks added in the scene show our subject who appeared to be alone in earlier scenes, enjoying himself for the first time in the presence of a girl. When we get the shot of the remote traveling by itself, a sound of heavy heart beat is played in the sound track. That of course completely changes the mood of the scene. The scene that was filled with laughter and good conversation immediately flips to a darker atmosphere. At this moment, the audience should be anticipating for something bad to happen. A new figure is introduced to the scene. He picks up the remote and points it to our subject and his lovely companion. The same remote that got him to this happy place, is in the verge of taking it all away. That’s when the entire frame freezes. And the only thing we can hear is the heavy sound of a heart beat. The screen goes black leaving the audience to decide what is to happen to our subject and the girl.

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