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Jeremy Sengly: Project 1

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My stop motion project ended up a lot different than I had originally conceived. It still deals with the same fundamental idea of searching for inspiration but I decided to abstract the search a little more.

The short begins with a view of me from the outside. I go through the motions of creating work robotically. My facial expression is intentionally distant and constantly changing. The appearance and disappearance of the items in my hand represent how I am making work that I don’t really care for. When I manage to make a marker appear, I am unable to make it disappear, because it represents an idea that has caught my attention. As I further investigate the idea it forces me to go within myself to attempt to develop the idea. I struggle for a while to find the key to the idea becoming frustrated. I wanted to express this through repetition. The animations repeat until the viewer gets visually frustrated. I am finally able to figure out how I will unlock the idea, shown through the materialization of the keys. From that point on a rush of ideas flow through. My brain sorts quickly through a mass of inspiration until I am able to pull the project out of this ephemeral realm and return to the outside world.

My biggest problem when approaching the development of this concept was my timeframe and the skills I had with animation. Both were at an uncomfortable low. As I developed my skills and worked on the project more, I realized that the full-fledged animation that I had originally planned would not be possible under current conditions. So I looked elsewhere to translate my idea. I found the solution in an abstraction of my thought process. I wanted to turn parts of my body associated with imagemaking, my head and hands, into abstracted forms. I did this by using the photobooth program’s mirror filter. The sense of confusion is further enhanced throught the flashing of magenta, green, and blue in the background.

In the end it felt pretty disorganized, I used the song “Never do that? by Dan Deacon. The music helped to give a sense of continuity to the animation, it also helped me to emphasize certain points. When the keys start to shake back and forth I timed it with a screeching noise within the song.

If I were to do this project again I would try to push the abstraction further. Although the sense of repetition is deliberate, I feel like I would rather have the pace escalate instead. The hands would layer more and more and I would try to break the symmetry of that section.