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Lisa : Project 2 Proposal

For my remake, I want to do the bathtub scene from Garden State. This choice was inspired by one of the drawings on learning to love you more (Lisa Dalton's post), but the scene after the one she drew is the only scene that makes the main character cry, and it's longer and more involved which I think is good. It starts with the two main characters sitting in the bathtub in which Largeman's mother recently drowned. He talks about a memory that he associates with his mother's necklace and is able to cry (one tear) for the first time in years. Sam, his friend/girlfriend captures the tear in a paper cup and then comforts him and they hug and talk about their feelings. I think the honesty and vulnerability of this scene, as well as its quirkiness with the bathtub and the paper cup, is what makes it attractive but also challenging to recreate.

I think it would be fun to play all the parts in this scene myself, but it will take some creative planning and probably a large doll. I plan to shoot this scene in my fiance's parents' bathroom which looks remarkably like the one in the actual movie, and it's big enough to set up a tripod in and still have room to move. The lighting in the scene is sort of warm so I might have to use lamps instead of the overhead light. Then I'll try to imitate all the shot setups with possibly some modifications due to me playing both parts. The only props I will need are a necklace with floaty balls (I'll either make something similar or try to find one of those puzzle games that has floaty balls) and a paper cup. Plus whatever I decide will represent the other character.