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Louis Adams - Project 2 Proposal

The scene I decided to do for this project was the 28th scene (one-on-one rematch) from the movie Love and Basketball. At first I was going to do the second scene from Stomp the yard where Chris Brown gets killed, but that scene only fit for this project for the wrong reasons. The reason I chose the Love and Basketball scene was because there are a lot of people who cried during this scene for the correct reasons corresponding to this project. Also the scene seemed to be fairly simple in terms of shooting and editing. I will enjoy putting in effort to act out this scene for my project.

There are approximately 15 different camera shots for this project. The entire scene takes place at a basketball court in Monica’s (Woman character) back yard. The scene is about Monica and Q (the two main characters) playing one-on-one for Q’s love. The first half of the scene concludes Monica scoring the majority of her points against Q while he only gets a few points. Mid way through he starts scoring more points on her. This is where the scene started to make my friend cry because she starts taking her clothes off as he continues to score because they used to play that way when they were dating earlier in the movie. She gets the ball back, misses her lay up and Q gets the ball and slam-dunks it for the win. After he looks at her with no emotional feeling, she begins to get real emotional and almost cries. After she almost walks out of the setting, he says, “Double or nothing? and the hug and kiss. This is where my friend started crying really hard.

My first step in making this production is finding someone who can play the female part. This is hard because I don’t know many women who can play basketball. I will try to remake this scene in the late evening because it was night-time in the movie. It is very cold out so I will try to reserve a gymnasium so I can play with the lighting to make it look right. I will borrow a lighting kit from the Rarig Center to add to the details. I will add sound effect in later using a microphone or from the sounds on my computer. Finally, my technique will be to shoot each shot for shot according to the movie.