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Project 2: Proposal

I will be remaking the scene in The Royal Tenenbaums, where Ritchie attempts suicide.

I will be remaking the scene from The Royal Tenenbaums, where Ritchie Tenenbaum attempts to kill himself. This scene made my girlfriend cry. When I asked her why, she said she cried because Ritchie was killing himself.

The scene begins with a straight shot of Ritchie’s face, looking into a mirror. The lighting is blueish, which separates it from the rest of the film. Throughout the scene, Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith plays in the background. The song keeps the momentum of the scene moving until it ends at the beginning of the next scene.

Ritchie begins by removing his wristbands, then his headband. His sunglasses remain on. Throughout this section you can see steam rising from out of the frame. A jumpcut shows his hair wet as he begins to cut his long hair off. He then begins to trim his beard, being careful and meticulous to shorten it almost all the way down to his skin. He finally removes his glasses after satisfactorily trimming all of his beard. Jump cuts are interspersed throughout the hair trimming process. After he removes his glasses the camera cuts behind him as he turns the over sink light on. The scene receives a harsh white light in addition to the blue tones. Richie begins to lather shaving cream between his hands. The camera cuts to a tight close up on his face, he take one stroke with his razor and says, “ I’m going to kill myself tomorrow.? The camera cuts to his hands as he removes the razorblade from the safety razor. A montage of clips flash by depicting, Ritchie as a young child, margot as a child, both of them as adults, as children sleeping in the museum, mordecai with his mask, mordecai without his mask, and royal and etheline as they existed in his childhood. A cut to a downward view of the sink shows blood streaming down his arms. No wounds are visible. Cut to a profile shot of Ritchie from the chest up. He is hunched over the sink. The camera moves with him as he slides down the wall.

This is where I will be ending the scene. If all goes well I will film the additional reaction footage.

My problems with filming this are going to be mostly with timing, and color. As painstakingly art directed Wes Anderson’s films are, I think I will be able to replicate them in spirit pretty easily. Lighting will affect the color the most, and I will have to be careful to film in correct and consistent lighting. Making sure that the timing is right will also be a large factor in the emotional impact of the scene. The jumpcuts serve to create a sense of tense foreboding.