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The scene I am going to be working with for this project comes from the winner of best motion picture in the 78th Annual Academy Awards, CRASH. When I told my friend the perimeter of this project, he told me only one scene comes to his mind. He said the scene where the little girl gets shot, made him cry when he first watched the movie CRASH and he admitted that he still gets nervous about it. I was surprised he chose this scene because this same scene happens to be one of my all time favorite scenes. Afterwards, I went online and surf the net to see what other people’s take was in this particular scene. Not surprisingly, a lot of people are touched and were forced to tear up by this powerful scene. And this gave me the extra motivation to take up this rather hard task with an effort to recreate this powerful scene that touched the lives of many.

The scene begins with the store owner sitting in his car looking through his side mirrors. Then a white Van pulls in one of the drive ways. Then we get a cross cut and we see the inside of a house with a little girl running to the one of the windows. The scene cuts to an outside shot. The man gets out of his car carrying a gun, walks up to the locksmith and confronts him at gun point. The little girl, who is watching all this through the screen doors, runs outside to save her dad. In the middle of all this the old man fires his gun and the little girl gets shot. However, with the works a miracle, the gun was loaded with blanks and the little girl’s life was spared.

I’m going to try to have the same set up. Since it’s a shot that’s mostly composed out side in a sun light, I don’t think I will need much lighting equipment. However, I will have to bring reflectors to guide the sun light to different directions. This is a scene that many shots, I will try to keep the same shot compositions as in the original. To get a better sound quality, I will use shot gun microphones and take out field audio mixers. The biggest challenge would be finding the right location for the shoot. However, I will try to find a spot that resembles the original scene.