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Alina Cheng Project 2

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I did my remake on “Peter Pan�, specifically the scene where Peter loses hope in the future and Wendy gives it back to him. At first, it was difficult to plan the shots because there was a lot of action involved, along with a lot of different shots. Once I storyboarded the scene however, it was easier to get a good grip on what I needed to do. I did the remake with an interpretation of my own. Peter Pan did not want to grow up and do the things that adults do while Hook represented what happened to adults when they grow up unsatisfied with life. So, I took that to mean that Peter Pan was a normal adolescent on the brink of being a teenager, and Hook was the evil corporate world that sucked kids into working. I feel that dressed the way I was, it was almost as if I was a principal or a businesswoman, and that represented the things that Peter did not want to be- a working man in a corporate world. Thus, he was dressed as a normal kid, and so was Wendy, since she is also a kid. The “pirate,� although it was hard to see him, was also dressed in business attire to represent the corporate world too, since he is an adult and in league with Hook.
One other difficulty was during the editing stage. I did not realize how jumpy the shots were when moving through the dialogue- the viewers would lose all sense of space and the movement of the characters was all over the place. It was suggested that I go with a “jump shot� style but I felt that it looked a lot like a movie trailer, not to mention that I didn’t really know how to go about that vision. So, I followed another suggestion in which I did close ups of people in order for there to be time for the characters to “move� over to where they ended up in the next shot. This way, it would seem like they moved but they really didn’t. I didn’t realize that editors had to cut out so much video, and really fine tune the clips so that the scene would move along and not lag behind. A problem I had was figuring out when to cut the clips so that the entire scene would flow smoothly. But after watching the scene over and over, I feel that I succeeded in this area. Using a shot gun boom was very helpful. The sound is surprising clear and the voices came out perfectly. The only problem was that there were cars driving around and someone shoveling the snow, but I was able to keep that at a minimal with editing and I don’t feel it’s really obvious.