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Alina Cheng Project 3 Proposal

For my final project, I would like to do a commercial from De Beers. I don’t want to reenact a commercial; I would like to make one up for myself. I think it will have influences from the other commercials, but mine won’t be exactly the same as any of the existing ones.
I would like to do this for my final project because I already made a “cutesy? and childlike movie for my first stop motion, and the “Peter Pan? remake was also from a children’s movie- and I feel that both of these were very noisy and dramatic pieces. There is nothing wrong with them; I just want to try something different. I want to make something more adult, and something that looks real- as if the commercial could really exist. I really want the commercial to look well done and polished enough to look as though it could be on T.V.
I had a faint idea that I wanted a stop motion again, but this time in black and white. I wanted the mood that comes with black and white- and a love story within it. I feel that it gives it almost an old fashioned times aura, like it took place in the 1920-50s. I had thought about doing a housewife’s story, but it didn’t really speak to me as much as I thought it would. I saw a De Beers commercial on youtube.com and was inspired enough that I wanted to do something similar.
In my commercial, I would have a narrator tell the story of a man who passes a girl everyday, and can’t get her out of his mind. Finally, he decides that he wants her forever so he gives her a diamond- because a diamond and love are forever.
Here is what I was thinking the narrator could say. The shots would correspond with what the narrator would say. These lines are rough, but a general idea of what I want, and I think it’ll make more sense when I put it together with the pictures.
“Lost in reverie, he doesn’t notice her approach.?
“But then the look.?
“The touch?
“The separation?
“Again and again, day by day this kept happening. He didn’t want this. He wanted her to stay.?
“And then he knew what to do.?
And then written at the end, “Love (and diamonds) is forever?
There would be multiple shots of the man and woman passing each other and looking back at each other. There would also be multiple shots of close ups of their faces and them looking at each other. At the end, I would show him putting the ring on her, and then the two of them walking away together.
I’m actually debating whether or not I want a narrator, but I think once I have all the shots and recorded the narrator’s part, I will know is it works or not.