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ashley final project

When I first thought of an idea for this project, I thought I wanted to establish a critique of the prescription drug industry. After a bit of thought, however, I decided I wanted to broaden the basis of my animation to comment on our consumer driven culture. Also, I’d like to subtly hint at the message of the animation rather than make it blatantly obvious.

I decided to work with collage animation again for this project because the last one was such a learning experience for me. I want to put some of the techniques I figured out into action for this project. I want to expand on what I learned from project 1 to create an animation that is more driven to a concrete goal. The major difference between the first project and this one is that for this animation I worked on a total whim. In other words, I had no idea where the animation would end up. I let my imagination guide me during the creation process. Now I have more of a layout of where I want the animation to go.

I also learned a lot about the technical aspect of making a collage animation. To make the movement of the characters and objects more realistic, I'm going to sew them together before I shoot. For example, if I have a person cutout, I would sew his/her joints together so they have more fluid, realistic movements. i also want to make use of rubber cement. In my first project, I found that i could apply a thin layer of rubber cement to the backs of the collage pieces to make them tacky. This helps to control the movement of the objects.

I'm using magazines from the 1970's. I want to create an animation that has the old/worn look of aged paper. I also want to use text. A crucial scene I want in the animation consists of a person visually talking, by which there is text coming out of their mouth. The words would be unrecognizable. They move to a black space and align themselves in a certain order. Then the space is filled with more letters/words so that the unrecognizable words become part of a larger paragraph. Then most of the words are blocked out with a sparpie marker, and a completely new message appears on the screen.