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Ashley project 2

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I remade the one of the last scenes from Harold and Maude. We shot in my apartment and used minimal props in an effort to focus more on the interaction between characters in the scene. The intent was to capture the emotion of the scene rather than recreate the physical environment. Additionally, I used the original scene as a rough guide to the remake. I studied the scene a few times, wrote down a few notes as to the positioning and types of shots, and used my best judgment to recreate a similar rendition of the scene rather than recreate it identically.

The filming process was much more harrowing than I originally imagined. We shot in my apartment, therefore we had many constraints on the different aspects of getting the shots we needed. Firstly the space we filmed in was much smaller than the space in the original Harold and Maude. I used additional space such as hallways and doorways to capture the shots. I was also forced to “cheat� on a few shots. One reason for this was there was a window on the far wall of the room, and we couldn’t shoot in front of it because it changed the color scheme of the shots. For example, we tried shooting using blinds over the window, but it still looked horribly over exposed. Then we put a yellow curtain over it, but then the whole room had a yellow glow. This didn’t match with the rest of the scenes, so we were forced to shoot up against a plain white wall. Through this process, I learned that the environment in which you shoot can be manipulated to fit the format of the needed shots.