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Breanne Subias, Final Project Proposal

Concept about dreams where your teeth fall out, which is apparently the most frequently reported dream image. Read on.

For my final project, I plan to illustrate a short story through the use of shadows, much like the video “Paranoland? I found on youtube. I’m actually fairly sure it’s done completely differently, but I’m going to attempt to create a similar feeling using shadows and crepe paper. I was thinking of rigging up some sort of contraption that would include a layer of colored crepe paper, a layer of clear plastic below that on which to move the shadow figures, and a light source coming up below that. It will be partially in quick-moving stop motion and partially told through pictures in a style a la “La Jete,? which I’m sure I just spelled like a moron. I will attempt to control my white balance this time.

Actually, scratch the short story idea. I’m going to base this things content off of the most common reported and one of the most disturbing dream images for some people, including myself, which is the dream of losing teeth. I looked up a little about the significance of losing teeth, and the image is rooted in appearance anxiety, fear of sexual impotence or inferiority, fear of embarrassment, powerlessness/lack of confidence, and a faith in man instead of God. I will use a silhouette of a female face shape that will have a set number of teeth, and as the teeth fall out, I will use the shadows to illustrate this insecurity.

Now that I’m thinking about this, this concept might be better suited for a college/stop motion project. I'm on a roll for scratching ideas tonight. I like this idea, but I’m confused. I’ll sleep on it.