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Breanne Subias: Project 2

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When I first began thinking about my project, I intended to make as faithful a representation of the original as I could with my resources. The more I thought about it, however, the less the scene meant to me and the more I put it off. I felt nothing when I went off to film some mandatory blurb about cowboys. I was entirely uninterested in my own project. I originally wanted to do the scene from “The Office� that I presented in class, because aside from the fact that it made someone I know cry, it also made a lot of sense to me because of an experience I was having in my own life that I felt would have compelled me to put a lot of myself into it (I essentially secured my Jim that week…if this allusion is beyond you, you are missing out). I was not so much excited about giving that up for cowboys.
After I figured out I was never going to meaningfully connect with my character in his original form , I modernized/urbanized my concept into what I call the “businesswoman version� of my scene. I filmed it in my own living space, used professional clothing instead of outdoor attire, a postcard of a city skyline rather than a mountain range, and a window overlooking the view of cars going down a city road to preserve the symbolism of the original road running through fields (i.e. the message that everything keeps on going). Although I changed the scenery, I tried to keep the camera angles as similar as possible. For example, I made sure the hallway in my version ran at the same angle as the outside of the trailer in the original.
While shooting, I tried to stay true to the original number of camera angles, but ended up with 8 instead of the 6 that we agreed were okay. This was mostly due to the limited area and orientation of the door, closet, and window within the room where I was shooting. I had to split up a couple of scenes because they moved from the door to the closet and the closet to the window, but the room wasn’t arranged in a way that made that gracefully possible. Aside from an Extreme Home Makeover, this was the best option. Since the trailer from the original is darkly lit but for natural lighting, I decided to forgo extra lights and use natural lighting in mine as well, instead shooting my scene over three days between the hours of 7 and 8:30 am.
While my final project falls far from my original intent, I am happy for having been able to overcome my lack of enthusiasm to come up with what I did. One area I would change if I had more time would be the song in the background. It is in itself iconic, so I would not altogether replace it with a more setting-appropriate piece. What I would really have liked to do would be to record myself just playing the bare chords and humming the melody of the piece. I just thought of that this evening, but it would have added a more appropriate audio element that would still be recognizable from the original. I also wish I could have figured out a way to more accurately crop my shots, as well as timed my scene more accurately to the original.