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Jeremy Sengly Final Project Proposal

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For my Final Project I intend to make a mock infomercial for graphic design. I would like to comment on the expectations of the graphic design world, classism within design, graphic design education, and how the rest of the world views design.

This infomercial will also purposefully use the faux pas of the genre to add humor and irrelevence to the short. I plan to shoot in studio B so that I will be able to take advantage of the green screen.

Here is a rough idea of the timeline:
The short will begin with the host/guide walking onto the screen, as their monologue begins. The background at this point will be a blank white wall. The speaker begins to talk about the wonder and power of design as motion graphics burst awkwardly into screen. At this point cut scenes showing examples of the daily life of a designer, highly glorifed scenes of client meetings, press checks, and computer manipulations will be played. When the camera returns to the speaker a second character will be in frame, unintroduced. They will play the "confused and easily impressed cohost, representing the public view of graphic design. At this point the second character will ask questions. As they are answered the video will begin to devolve into psychedelia. This will represent how there is a constantly evolving definition of what it is to be a graphic designer.