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Lisa Project 3 Proposal

I want this project to be mainly a sound project, since I haven't worked with sound before. I plan to use poems that I have written over the past year or so, record myself (and others?) reading each one, bring them all into Soundtrack Pro and then do something brilliant (but yet to be determined) with them.

I am interested in the idea of the obsessions of the artist--I think it is common for artists of all sorts to get to a point where they are continually rehashing this one idea or situation or image in their work, either consciously or subconsciously, and only when you are presented with a timeline of their work do you get to see these obsessions and how they operate.

I guess with this project I would like to explore the subconscious life of my text, in other words, to ask: What does my writing reveal when left to its own devices? What are its obsessions? What sorts of unexpected connections can be made across poems? What new meaning emerges when the text is forced into random interactions? Etc.

At this moment, I am thinking that this requires an element of randomness, or at least the semblance of randomness. I'm not exactly sure how I could accomplish this. Possibly with audio loops that naturally have different durations. I sort of am curious to see what happens when I am not entirely in control. Another tactic might be to have other people read my poems without my guidance or presence and see what happens, or to have many people read the same poems and see what happens. I think it will become clearer to me where I want to go with this after some initial experimentation.