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Louis Adams - MIA Response

This is my first time actually writing a response to an art institution. I am not quit sure if this is what you are looking for but this is what I thought about it. When I first entered the museum with Tsinu, I had a perception that it wasn’t that big. We got there a little before the rest of the class did but we didn’t know if you all were there yet so we walked around. The Minnesota Institution of Art was ten times bigger than I thought it was. Hence, walking around gave me the opportunity to see almost everything that was in the whole institution. After almost one and a half walk through, we finally found the rest of the class.

As I walked into the dark room I saw three or four little cases lit from the ceiling. They had little speakers stuck to them. There were creepy whisper/ mumble sounds echoing in the room. There was also a little 4 inch monitor showing a camera following a lit flash light. At first I didn’t know what it was so I continued to walk further in. There was a bench that the rest of the class was sitting on watching the same thing from the little screen except it was being shown on the big black wall. I then sat down to have this experience with them.

As I started to watch the film a lot more closely I began to realize that it was of a person walking around the MIA with a flashlight looking at all of the paintings. The entire film was extremely long because it is solely about this camera following a flashlight around the large MIA building. If it weren’t for the sounds I wouldn’t have wanted to even stay in the room because it was so boring.

The best part about this experience was the fact that I could relate to the movie in the sense that I had already seen everything that was being shown in the wall. It almost felt as though I was in the film. The room almost felt like the entire museum to me because I had seen a lot of the things before in the daylight and now it was like I was doing it all again only in the dark. I also liked how the paintings in the other room were of the paintings in the museum.