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Louis Adams - Project 2 Write Up

I chose to remake the one on one rematch scene between Omar Epps (man) and Sanaa Lathan (woman). I decided to play both of the characters in this scene. I also chose to have Tsinu be the cameraman for my project because I knew that he would know a lot abut how to use the camera and what I meant if I were to say use the 180 degree rule for a certain set of shots.
Shooting this scene took a lot of dedication due to the difficulties that arose. The first day we went into the gym it was 8 am and we filmed until almost 1 pm. The entire film was ruined because the camera was on the wrong setting. Therefore we had to go back into the gym the next day at 7 to refilm.
Tsinu and I went into the gym with the set plan that we were going to film all of on character’s parts and then film all of the other character’s parts. We decided that since most of the shots had Lathan in it we would shoot her part first. I know basketball very well and I know that games don’t get too intense until close to the end so I chose not to do a lot of cuts back and forth to show that there was not much tension in the beginning.
In the middle of the scene when Epps gets the ball, the scene starts to take an emotional turn. I chose to use a different set of angles for the shots to show this idea of feeling and emotion.
After the man makes his third shot, things start to get real emotional. For this reason I decided to take certain shots with a lot of physical emotion and slow it down to show a sense of connection between the two characters. I also chose to use a lot of cuts during this time to show the intensity in emotion between the two. In case you never heard the song, “Fool of Me? by India Arie, I’ll tell you that the one I used in my video was greatly modified. Since my seen was a lot shorter than the original, I had to cut the track down by splitting it in different spots but on the same beat and meshing them together. I had to do this because the tone of the song changes with the tone of the video and I had to match it up correctly.