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Louis Adams - Project 3 Proposal

I have had this creative idea running through my head for a long time, but never had a chance to actually put it into action. For my final project I am going to remake my own scene from Frankenstein. For my scene I will have to find a way to make a laboratory so that I can create my monster. For the longest time I have had this idea in my head that I wanted to recreate a scene from Frankenstein and make it an intro video in a step show for my fraternity. Never have I just done it though. Now is the time!

I envision that my scene will go in a certain order. Hopefully it works out. I will have someone play Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, and the monster. I want the whole thing to be a voice over done by the voice of Dr. Frankenstein. First, Dr. Frankenstein will be introduced as he puts his lab coat on and other equipment for the lab. As he makes his journey to the lab the voice over will be introducing the project of his monster. During this whole time, Dr. Frankenstein’s face will not be seen.

Next, he will enter his lab and as the light turns on his face will be shown in a creepy way. After that I will have Igor being introduced into the scene by bringing the doctor his tools for the experiment. This is when I will have the monster introduced. I will have a cover over his whole body and the doctor will pull it off so the supposed dead monster’s face can be shown.

This is where the experiment will begin. I will have Dr. Frankenstein performing an operation on the monster when he tries different things to make him come to life. This is where the project has a little laughter. I want the doctor to put different things into the monster’s body to make him come to life. However, I will use other fraternity’s symbols to do this. These things will not work for making him come to life. The Dr. then goes crazy and comes up with an idea. He thinks of a cane (my fraternity symbol) and then puts it in the monster and then he comes to life. I will add different effects from final cut to make this very theatrical. I plan on using an old room for this project because it will have to look like a lab.