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Sable - Final Video Proposal

For my final project, I plan to do a mock-up of a video game called Counterstrike: Source. The reasons why I would like to do this are fairly straight-forward. On project 2, I focused on a video that required complicated shooting (i.e. scene cuts constantly, angles are more difficult, etc). In the video game (and how it will be in the shots as well) all the video is from a 1st person view. This means that [most] video will be shot from a shoulder mount. In contrast to the shooting becoming much easier, the editing will be much more difficult. In the style of the game, I will overlay frames on top of the video to resemble the HUD and other elements (example photos included below). The video will split between several character’s perspectives, but there will be significantly fewer cuts than what would ordinarily be in a movie.

Besides the overlays, I plan to use another trick: video in video. Though most of the story will be shown first person as if you were one of the characters in the game, I will include a third person perspective of an actual person playing the game at their computer. On the monitor they’re looking at I will playback video that is already edited for the movie so that it looks they’re actually controlling the characters. I think this will help add a bit to the level of humour since this will be intended as a parody.

The audio will be composed of sound bytes from the actual game as well as voices filtered through a microphone to imitate what player’s actual voices sound like when playing.

Shooting should be fairly simple. I will get 4 of my friends to act so that I can operate the camera. Because the game is based on two opposing sides (terrorists vs. counterterrorist’s), two of them will dress in SWAT gear and the other two will dress in camouflage with red headbands. The only props that will be needed are weapons (fake of course). I haven’t yet decided whether to use replicas or paintball guns… it will depend on what is more available when I go to shoot.

The plot (just like the game) will be relatively unimportant. What will be important are the specific elements I intend to parody. Those things are: someone leaving their keyboard when playing, the game “lagging? (people suddenly appearing 15 feet away from where they were), someone trash-talking, and someone exploiting a hole in the game logic.

If you find a part of this proposal (or maybe all of it, who am I to say) to be unacceptable, please send me a message (or mention it to me in class) and I can change part (or all) of it to your liking. Included below are screenshots of the game to give you an idea of what I’m going for.

Game pic 1

Game pic 2

Game pic 3