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Sable - Project 2 Final

The Professional - Remake

My project was a remake of a scene from the movie, The Professional. The scene follows the protagonist in his dying moments as he his gunned down by the villain, Stansfield. Between my proposal blog and final, I believe I've encountered several shortcomings as well as several successes.

The bad. One of the important parts of the scene is the setting. In the original, Leon walks away from his blown-up apartment through the bottom level of the building. The lobby consists of a long hallway with a single open door at the end, a "light at the end of the tunnel." The scene follows Leon and Stansfield as they walk down the hall for the finale. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere better to shoot than my friend's garage, which is apparent throughout the shots (car beside stansfield, junk in background, etc.) Another thing that could have used improvement was the lighting. For the scene, we used the overhead garage lighting. This worked fairly well for the scene, but there are moments when you can't clearly see the character's face do to backlighting. An opposite facing flood light could have helped (or some other source of light).

A couple things I think went well. Most of the shots were taken almost as precisely as they were in the original video. While filming, we had the video on hand on a computer; as we shot, we watched each scene several times to make sure we got it correctly. The fun part with this movie was the editing. Because its a remake of a scene from a regular movie, the cuts are quick and there are plenty of them. This made splitting up the footage more challenging, but made the end-product look a little bit more professional (no pun intended). Also, the post-effects (like the light swelling) and the soundtrack (pulled from the original movie) turned out really well also.

If I were to redo this, I would be a bit more careful about checking timecode, so that the 24 fps material would come through more clearly. Besides that, I would try some other lighting techniques, overdub techniques, and making sure my actors were being serious.