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Sarah Vang: Project 2

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I went through the whole list of movies on that website before settling on a list to choose from. From there, I rented the appropriate movies and watched them with my siblings, for both entertainment as well as helping to make my final decision. In the end, I was torn between the suicide scene in The Royal Tenenbaums and one of the scenes from The Green Mile. I ruled out the scene from the Royal Tenenbaums because of the lack of angles. One of the requirements is to have a certain number of different shots, and the scene had a few at maximum. When deciding between the two scenes in The Green Mile, I looked at who and what I had to work with.

My actors were my relatives, and with a small bribe I was able to recruit them to work for me. As a team, our thespian skills lacked, so I decided on the easier one to act; the handshake scene between the characters Paul Edgecome and John Coffey. My filming location was between the studio offered at the U and my basement. Although I rented out a camera, I didn’t have the chance to film. I took advantage of the studio area and rented it out for a few hours during spring break.

Our outfit was simple; a white collared shirt for the officers and whatever beaten-up clothing the prisoner owned. I had an idea of what I wanted to do for effects, so I felt the studio was even more valuable to me. Although I wanted to use props, I felt it would be out of place in the simplicity of everything else I planned for the re-enactment.

It was my first time using the studio, so I was unsure of what I had to do as well as intimidated by the tech worker who was to help me during my session. I stepped into the studio feeling sure of what I wanted to do, and within five minutes of talking to the tech worker, was left with a feeling of uncertainty. How was I going to get what was in my head onto the DV tape I was given? With the little knowledge of the area, and how to use the equipment (other than the actual camera), we were somewhat saved when another tech worker came through the door. I’d like to say that I got a hang of things in the studio eventually, but I can’t. The sour mood of the first tech worker, and the texting of the second tech worker made me want to film everything and get out of there as soon as possible. The shots weren’t too bad and the time was almost up, so we left with what we had. Even if my account of the tech workers seems negative, they helped me a lot. They were able to help me find a way around my electrocution problem, as well as the light exploding one.

As I was bringing in footage, I felt a pang of regret in my decision to not use microphones in the studio. With no audio, I was left with two decisions: overlay the audio of the scene or re-create the audio in my own style. As I pondered upon this decision, I remembered the video we were shown earlier on in the project. It seemed like my re-creation already paralleled his in many ways. It wasn’t my intention to. I decided to try and make my own sound. I looked up the soundtrack as well as used a few free sound effects circulating the internet. The voice overs were all recorded by me, since the other two characters never had the time to sit down and record a line. I had considered using only subtitles, but trying to find the correct color was harder for me than I thought.

This remake didn't turn out exactly as I had planned. Although I liked how I was able to experiment with different ways to remake a film, I feel like I didn't get to capture the true emotion of this scene with the footage and sound I ended up with. (Or maybe it was just the fact that all of us can't act to save our lives.)