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Sarah Vang: Project 3 Proposal

Right now, the idea in my head is very rough. The video will move through the day of someone who is reflecting on her day in her journal/diary. She will move quickly through reality and fantasy/daydreams, not really knowing where one starts and the other ends, but only because she doesn’t care what is real and what is not. The letter I want to focus on is the letter D. I’m looking for a sound track that would be able to lead the main character through her thought process.

A day for her will be composed of “normal? components. Some ideas of what is defined as “normal? activities include: waking up, driving to school, attending classes, eating lunch/dinner, studying, going home, free time, working, getting ready for bed, etc. Not all of these will be shown in the project.

I want to have all audio done as a voice over, and I think voice overs will fit the most. A stark contrast in color will be hard for me to do, especially since what I plan to do will involve going to different places and shooting on different locations where I don’t have as much control over the lighting. To get as much contrast as I can, I will check out lights and reflectors and experiment with what I have available to use. I will still use both stop-motion and video in this project, and I think it will be similar to that of La Jetee in the sense that the photos will be longer and slower but opposite because my project will have somewhat of an equality of stop-motion and video. The idea of this project that is forming in my head and is gradually getting on paper won’t be too focused on using lighting to change the scene, too. The movie M had the lighting as an element to help show change and the difference between what is dream and what is reality. I can most likely think of a way to be able to improvise.