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Stephen Final Project

The idea for my final project is actually a part of a larger idea I had for a film called the Lonely Bowler's Club.

I want to film a small segment from the film that describes the legend of the Lonely Bowler. So in a sort of dreamlike setting the bowler will become a legend even though he is simply a guy who likes to bowl. Over shots of the bowler doing his thing, I plan to use a voice over that describes how the man became a legend. I am not entirely sure on all the details of the legend yet, but would like it to be shrouded in enigma, for instance, his bowling shirt says Jim, but nobody actually knows his real name. I really would like to play around with the mystery surrounding all legends, and what those legends are actually like in reality. Of course he will have accomplished some miraculous feat, bowling 20 games in a row without stopping or something along those lines. Perhaps I will add an almost supernatural element, like even after closing when he is gone, people still hear bowling sounds from lane 2. I think it will be an interesting, non narrative one shot that deals with stories and tall tales.