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The scene I chose to re-create is from the 2005 movie Crash. The fact that it’s a film that had a big impact on a lot of people including me, made me choose this film and the particular scene. Even though it didn’t seem hard at first, I found it very challenging to try and recreate the highly emotional scene. One of my main focuses was trying to stay true to the original scene to have the same emotional impact on the audience. The camera angle, characters movement and the music all together help bring high intensity to the scene.

The climax of the scene happens when the little girl gets shot. Even though I wasn’t successful in finding a little girl that resembles the age of the original character, with the right set up, I was sure I can create the same emotional impact. The main thing I noticed the filmmaker used to intensify the original scene is slowing down the action so that the audience can be left hanging for a little while guessing what’s going to happen next. It almost feels like a dream sequence. As the music starts to get louder, the action gets faster. The music does a very good job setting up the firing of the gun in the original scene, and that’s exactly what I chose to do for my re-enactment.

I shot the scene on a late afternoon so that the lighting of the scene resembles the original film scene. However, since I shot the scene in two different days, the next day happened to be a little darker than the first. So, I had to set up lighting to get the same feeling of a let afternoon sun. And I think it worked out pretty well for the most part. One of the major things I had a problem with, was audio. Since it was a very windy afternoon, the Boom Mic picked a lot of the back ground noise. On top of that, the camera was not calibrated the right way with the field audio mixer. So, the audio picked too much with a lot of static. Because of this reason, I was forced to do post dubbing for the audio. This I think might have taken some quality away from the scene. However, I made it work to the best of my abilities. And looking at the end product, if I had a little bit more time to shoot I could have had a better project. However, depending on the circumstances that were very limiting, it turned out pretty decent.

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