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Alina Cheng Project 3

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I did a commercial similar to those of the diamond company, De Beers, has
made. It was in black and white, revolved around a love story, and of
course had diamonds involved. I feel this story line does fit with the
theme “love and diamonds are forever.� The couple in the commercial was
constantly passing each other, and the diamond, which symbolizes love,
brought them together at the end, and they left together.
I chose to do it in black and white because I feel it is more
dramatic, and most of the De Beers commercials were in black and white. The
fact that it is black and white makes me feel that there is more attention
paid to the faces and the people, without the colors of the surrounding
environment and bright/dim lights distracting the viewers.
One concern I had when I decided to do a stop motion De Beers
commercial was that it would just look like a photo slideshow or just
silly, but I don’t think it turned out that way. I made the commercial a
stop motion because that way, I had a lot more control over the quality of
the photos, and that was really my main reason. With a video, I felt that I
couldn’t control the lighting and such because there was always movement
and action going on. But with photos, I could adjust when I needed to, and
keep the quality of the photos excellent. One of my goals was to have such
high quality photos, that my commercial could almost be real. And compared
to my first stop motion, the lighting and focus of the photos are a lot
better. As for how a stop motion relates to the commercial’s content, I
feel it actually works in my favor. It is almost more dramatic this way,
and the viewers could really slow down and pay attention to the emotions
and people in photo rather than being distracted by their movements.
The music, which is Palladio by Karl Jenkins, is apparent in most
of the early De Beers commercial. The music is really a pivotal part of the
commercial because it basically pulls the story along, with the climb
towards the climax in the beginning with the rhythmic strings, to the
climax and finish at the end. The music makes it so that I don’t need lines
from the actors, because the music adds all the emotions necessary. In
fact, I think the music is the most important part of this commercial,
without it, the commercial would be totally dead. I did add the texts
because I felt it helps give viewers a base to make sure that they
understand the story. Also, I needed to put the slogan of De Beers in
there, and a narrator saying those lines at the end would take away from
the emotions people feel from watching the commercial.