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Louis Adams Project 3 Write Up

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For my project I decided to do a remake version of Frankenstein. However I wanted it to more of a spoof than a spook. I added in creepy music and scary sound effects but the action that was actually taking place was more or less to be funny. What inspired me to do this video was the fact that everyone knows Frankenstein and it would be easy to catch the crowd by only changing it to NUPEnstein and adding my own effects to it. Also the reason I chose this theme is because I thought it would be easy to put in the beginning of a step show for my fraternity. I thought that it would be a good way to show how my frat is dominant and the best and to show how every other frat just isn’t the right answer. After going through critique, I have learned a lot of new things about my video.

Before I went through critique I thought that the movie was set up to be scary or kind of creepy as the doctor introduces himself and is walking to his laboratory. However, after listening to my classmates and you (Katinka), I have realized that the video was set up to be a funny spoof from the beginning. If you notice, which you did but I didn’t, as the doctor puts on his lab coat and his tie he is being goofy and acting like a dork. I never looked at it that way.

Another thing I didn’t think about was how I was setting up who the monster was. What I wanted to do was to have the monster be shown hardly at all and then at the end the viewer becomes the monster. A lot of others thought that I should have set up the monster to be someone different and we don’t ever become him. Also, at the end of the film the monster is never actually shown coming to life. We are him as he is coming to life. The film just ends there with the sound effects still going on to give it the “urging to see more,? “until next time? feeling. Some did not like that because they felt that I just left out the best part, which would be him sitting up coming to life. Others felt that it was better not actually seeing the monster. I didn’t want to show the monster before because the monster is not scary at all but after going through critique, I feel that it is necessary to have him sitting up because the whole video is funny. One student actually thought that it would be cool to have the monster come to life and start twirling the cane super crazy. After thinking about it, I think that would be the best thing for him to do because it would have finished the video perfectly instead of just ending anonymously.