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Michael Sable - Project 3 Review

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This project, despite the fact that it took much, much longer to do than the others, was far and above more fun to do. Though the final product is somewhat different from the original proposal, I believe I hit hard on the parts that matter.

I chose this project to contrast with project 2; rather than it being about camera work, this one was almost entirely about editing. For the one hour of filming I did, it took approximately 20 hours of editing to complete.

After looking at the video in its completion, I believe I did some things well, and some things... not... as well. I'll start with the bad: this video really lacks a story. With my sights set on editing and specifically a counterstrike parody, the story was pretty much meant only to setup the shots. Really, this story could have taken place in a variety of different situations: car accident leading to coma, daydreaming, getting stuck in the game like in that Arnold Schwarzeneger movie, etc.

Another thing that turned out rather lackluster was some of HUD elements. I think with a little more time they could have turned out a bit brighter and more noticeable. Though the video itself turned out fairly well, suspending the camera beside me instead of shoulder mounting it might have helped it look a little more steady. Finally, I think some of the footsteps were synched incorrectly, though that much isn't too obvious with all the other layers of sound.

A few things that I think turned out well: I feel the acting turned out fairly well, though I didn't personally do as well. Ryan (my teammate in the game) did an incredible job mocking the way characters move and behave in the game... him being an avid player, he had a good idea of what to shoot for (no pun intended). The actual gun placement for the first person turned out pretty well too... you can't even tell that its actually a paintball marker. The place we chose to shoot was a really nice choice as well; there were plenty of obstacles and lots of space.

If I could do this over, I would have spent a ton more time shooting to make the footage look just write, and probably would have had everyone play the game briefly so they had an idea of what they were aiming for (pun totally intended that time).