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Sarah Vang: Project 3

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This project was probably one of the hardest to complete because of the fact it was so open-ended. It took me quite a while to get down a plot and storyline, but when my brain started functioning it came easily. My finished product ended up going quite differently from my proposal according to the storyline, but was what I had imagined for the technical aspect of this project.

The short piece follows a snapshot of a girl’s life at school. Her experience is not exactly natural, and I decided to let the audience conclude whether or not it is real.

I filmed it at the Community School of Excellence in Saint Paul, where my mom works, which is in the location of an old Catholic school. I wanted a creepy and eerie feeling, and that’s really what I got, both in my shots and in filming the project. There was even one point where I was filming the empty dark hallway alone and I thought I could see movement behind the door that stood at the end in front of me. I was happy with the lighting in the project for the majority of the video. It was not too bright outside or too dark, and I just used all the natural lighting of the location. I followed your advice and filmed the whole thing, then turned the video into still images using Final Cut Pro. It was a lot easier that way and made the lighting and image exactly like that of the video.

The sound I managed to capture in the location was better than I expected. The echoes and the ambient noise were really what I was looking for in sound from the hallways and rooms. The voice overs were done by me as well as numerous other people I know. I did not give them any guidelines in what they could whisper and say, so there is somewhat of a diversity in what is said. The scream was found on the Freesound Project website along with the bouncing of the balls. I'm not sure how well they both play in this video.

Before I started filming this, I was starting to feel a bit stressed when I realized how short of time I had to complete everything. Now that I’m finished, I’m happy with what I ended up with. This project helped me experience a director’s role more than the second one, mainly because I was the only one working all the equipment and making the decisions in how things should look. I do not know if I really have a director’s eye, but all-in-all, like I said, I’m satisfied.