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Stephen Project 3

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The Lonely Bowler went for the most part as planned for me. Visually the film is almost exactly how I wanted it, enigmatic, dreamlike, lonely. To me the visual motif is the most important aspect of the film because without it the character loses his enigma and his trademark loneliness. I think the bowler sort of coming forth from the blackness is both symbolic of his loneliness due to the vastness of nothing around him, but I think there is something vaguely hopeful about him coming out of the darkness, not letting it overcome him. Even though the final shot has the lights going out on the bowler, I see this more of the idea that he will never leave the place, or the memory of the narrator, even though the alley is closed and the lights are out, he is still there, bowling away.
The narration worked out for the most part as well with the single voice driving the piece and other voices drowning out minute details. The idea was that the small details don’t matter, it is the overall character, the legend if you will, that is the important part. What size was Paul Bunyan’s shoe? Ask ten people get ten answers. So the idea was to represent all these answers without ever really getting an answer because it isn’t important.
Nostalgia was a key element in the film; I really wanted it to feel like the viewer was either at a bowling alley, or that the guy could be a bowler from the 70’s. Music was key and Telephone Line worked so perfectly in not only reflecting the theme of loneliness but also in giving the piece that nostalgia factor with its DooWop melody yet maintaining that delightfully 70’s prog rock sound. I decided the run with the Electric Light Orchestra theme and use Hold On Tight to Your Dreams at the end. It may seem sort of frivolous but it really drives home the point of maintaining the enigma of things that inspire you or interest you. The Lonely Bowler is a mystery to the narrator and should remain that way because the moment someone figures him out, he is just another bowler. I kind of hope to make the Lonely Bowler into something more I have a few ideas brewing for a short film where the Lonely Bowler would be the eponymous character but a supporting character. He would be the glue that holds the whole film together. So look forward to “The Lonely Bowler’s Club? in the near future.