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My final project was a small educational video shot in a studio. I was inspired to do the video project by my 11 years old little sister. This was a very personal video for me. I have always wanted to do a documentary of some sort that brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together. Even though this project is very small to have the type of effect I want it to have, I believe the message is big. I started my final project first by writing a small script. After I was finished with it, I had to go out and look for different people to play the proper roles in the video. I was very happy to see how excited all the people I talked to were to help me out with my project. Rather than anything else, the idea and the message behind it was appealing to them the most.

One of the most important things for my video project was setting up the right lighting. Lighting is very crucial in video as it helps set the mood of the scene. From the very beginning I knew I wanted my video to be black and white. So I placed my subjects against a black background and I made them all wear black shirts so that they blend in with the background. I did that because I wanted their face to be the only thing that was being illuminated by the lighting. Basic three point lighting was what I used to create somewhat of a dramatic look. With the black and white picture, the image turned out to be a little bit darker than the color version. However, I felt like it gave the scene the dramatic feel I wanted. And as an audience member our center of attention goes straight to the faces of the people rather than anything else in the scene.

The most difficult part in making this video was creating continuity. Since different people have different ways of reading style and voice, it was hard trying to get everybody to read in the same tone and pace. Another problem was the different size of the people involved in the video. I had to try to put the people with the same size and body structure next to one another so that there won’t be a noticeable jump between one take to another. I originally wanted the skit to be not more than two minutes; however, after cutting out a small portion of it, I still couldn’t get it down to my two minute curve without distorting the message. At the end, it was a very good experience and I was happy with the end product. I plan to make many more of this type of educational videos in the future and this has helped to steer me on the right direction.

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