May 13, 2008

artist response AShley Kreidler

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May 7, 2008

Ashley Man and His Machine

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April 9, 2008

ashley final project

When I first thought of an idea for this project, I thought I wanted to establish a critique of the prescription drug industry. After a bit of thought, however, I decided I wanted to broaden the basis of my animation to comment on our consumer driven culture. Also, I’d like to subtly hint at the message of the animation rather than make it blatantly obvious.

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April 7, 2008

click here for a good time.

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April 4, 2008

Ashley project 2

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March 5, 2008

Ashley Kreidler "a fish out of water"

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March 4, 2008

Ashley project 2 proposal

For my second project I plan on remaking the scene in Harold and Maude when Maude tells Harold that she is in the process of committing suicide. The scene takes place in her house on her birthday. I plan to play the part of Maude and my friend Jason will play the part of Harold. The movie is about a young man named Harold, who is a bit of an outcast, and an old woman named Maude. The two of them meet in a cemetery at a funeral of someone neither of them know. Although their difference in age, the two of them fall in love throughout the movie. When Harold’s mother (who tries to set him up with girls of his own age) finds out about Harold’s relationship, she sends him to a psychiatrist. Harold simply tells the psychiatrist that he is planning to marry Maude. Despite initial disgust or mockery at their relationship, the audience eventually realizes that the love they have for each other is genuine and respectable.

I chose this scene for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is the climax of the movie when Harold realizes that their love has come to its end. Secondly, although this scene makes lots of people cry, it made my friend Luke cry. He said the reason it made him cry was because it was the point in the movie when Harold was forced to admit to himself that he would have to move on from Maude, and that he had his whole life in front of him. In other words, Maude's death is a turning point for Harold. It also made him feel like the people in the film who looked down upon Harold and Maude were given a victory over their relationship.

February 4, 2008

ashley kreidler: project 1 proposal

Ashley Kreidler
Project 1 Proposal

For my first project I want to create a stop-motion animation dedicated to the art of collage. I want to create a surreal world in which characters, ideas, and external surroundings have the unthwarted ability to interact and mingle with each other. My story will consist of a person lost in a large city, who is trying to find their way to familiar territory. I imagine there will be numerous “tricks? in my animation, including those which defy the rules of time, space, and worldly interactions. For example, I intend to use the collage format to create a “world inside of a world?. This meaning that the outside, or “real? world could therefore penetrate the inside, or “surreal? story taking place. More specifically, the visual world in which the story is taking place will put into context by a revealing a portion of the larger “outside? world. This could be done by showing the story taking place inside a person’s head or by revealing the person’s hand that created the story. The second “trick? that I plan on making will rely on the audience’s preconceived ideas of how objects and space interact with each other. An example of this would be to make noise seen by the viewer, or by showing a character’s thoughts emerge from their head.
Some of the challenges I expect to face will be balancing the composition of shots, especially in a collage format. That is to say that I expect to encounter difficultly creating an atmosphere that can be recognized as something familiar without making things looked cluttered or unrecognizable. I have found some inspiration in the collage animations by Terry Gilliam, such as “The Miracle of Flight? and “Killer Cars,? and also by the filmmaker Virgilio Villoresi, whose airy collage animations defy the relationships between space and time.
The story I want to portray will be based on a young person who becomes lost in a large city. The audience will follow him as he tries to find his way back “home?. Through a series of obstacles the character will finally find their way back to the familiar space just to realize that they will be haunted by their journey even when they return to their reality. This will be shown at the end by the character questioning whether the events in the animation actually took place, or if they were just a figment of his imagination.

Terry Gillaim:
Miracle of Flight
Killer Cars:

Virgilio Villoresi: