March 5, 2008

Zack Project 1

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February 4, 2008

Zack Bechstein : Project 1 Proposal

I intend to try using a combination of photos, real life props and play-doe in my first project I am going for a sort of little comedy to start .I will have a mini wood model for my main focus. He will have tapped on him a series of photos that will be my face or he will have an absurd wig made of clay. I will also use a white backdrop for the background and a ball of play-doe as the antagonist.
I intend to open my story with the wood model looking bored with some facial expressions and or body language. Then enter a ball of clay/ play-doe that takes interest in the wood model. The ball of clay roles up to the wood guy and takes interest in him. The clay ball then starts poking and annoying the wood man who starts to become annoyed with it. He then kicks the clay thing and laughs only to realize that it is stuck on his foot. Clay ball attacks the guy’s head and the wood man freaks out (lots of exaggerated body language to show panic). The man throws the ball off his head only to realize in horror that the clay ball has his face or wig. Guy trys running at clay ball but is stuck on his wood model post. Ball laughs at him as he tries to chase the clay ball and guy falls on to it in the attempt. Finally the clay ball surrenders, (it will wave a mini white flag to show it’s defeat) and the guy gets his face back. It’s a joyous reunion and the scene fades black. The end.
Not sure about tricks I would want to use. Probably something to create an illusion of flight or motion through the air as the clay ball jumps, also think I would like to use some type of instant replacement as the clay ball switches from one figure to another like a transformation. I do know, however, that I want to use a suspension of time as one character acts out frustration like in old cartoons (an example would be the realization that you just ran over a cliff and have time to realize that you are going to fall). To do that I will use fishing rod line or metal rods to suspend the figures in air to give the affect that they are moving trough it or to keep the figure in an unreasonable pose such as falling forward.
I am uncertain about using sound effects, seeing as I am not familiar with the media just yet, so I’ll try and focus on the physical motion with adding sound through visual wording, much like in a Wile coyote cartoon or in the old Batman show. I would also like to use explanation points and body language for my characters to communicate which hopefully will cancel the need for sound.