March 5, 2008

Kong project 1 critique

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March 3, 2008

kong: project2 proposal

For project 2, the scene I have chosen is from the Korean movie Wind Struck. I chose a scene from this movie because it is a popular movie among my family and friends, especially the girls. I have heard stories about girls always crying when they were watching this movie. There are also a lot of emotional scenes in this movie so I can have a lot of options to choose from.
At the beginning of the scene, there is this lady driving and she stops at a red light. While she is waiting, she looks up at the cross walk and sees a guy that looks like her dead lover. She gets out of her car and run after him, calling his name. The guy sees her coming after him and he runs away. The guy tries to run away while the lady is trying to chase him. The guy finally stops because he is out of breath. The lady finally comes up to him and asked if he was who she thinks he is. She asks some questions like he should be dead and why he faked his death. She expresses herself to him but he just rejects her. She also tells him that he should not have run away from her because she will always catch up to him. But he tells her that he could have gotten away if he still had both of his lungs. He then tells her that he is not that person anymore and the he did not want her to see him like this, then he quickly gets on a bus. At the end of the scene the lady is running after the train the guy got on.
I will probably film this scene at the University of Minnesota campus or on a busy street. Using the same songs from the original scene will be better and make it have more feeling. I will have the actors wear the usual clothing for the scene. My remake will probably have some difference from the original one because I will not be able to get the props.

February 5, 2008

Kong M. -Project 1 Proposal

My interests in automotives had leads me to do this first project about a typical guy who has a car that everyone wants. The story will start out with the guy sleeping and has a dream that someone had stolen his car out of his garage. All of a sudden he wakes up and goes outside to check if his car was still there. He opens the garage to find that his car is missing and is in shock. Then all of a sudden he wakes up only to find out that it was only a dream. This will repeat two more times and on the fourth time he wakes differently from the other three times. This will be the first trick to this story. I got this idea from watching The Twilight Zone television show a long time ago. On the fourth time he will wake up do to his alarm going off at 8:00 am in the morning. This time waking up was different, so he will think that he really woke up this time. After waking up he will still go check out if his car is still there. But when he checks out the garage, his car was missing. He will then run back inside to call the police but his brother told him that he moved the car to the front because he was going to clean the garage. This will be the second trick in this story. I chose this trick because my brother and I share a car so sometimes he will take the car out without me knowing.
I will use some sound in this project to show some feelings or how the guy felt when he was in shock. My house will be my set for this project, I will be the actor, and I will be using my car. I will probably have my brother or sister help be take pictures since I am the actor. I will use still photos to make this project. Hopefully I will have some emotional faces to go with the sounds too.