May 5, 2008

Lisa Project 3

Layered audio file:
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Individual tracks:
Treatise on Abandonment
A Domesticity
Andrea and I in the Salt Flats with Dynamite
Dawn on Haleakala
Argument for Replacement of Poet with Moon

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April 9, 2008

Lisa Project 3 Proposal

I want this project to be mainly a sound project, since I haven't worked with sound before. I plan to use poems that I have written over the past year or so, record myself (and others?) reading each one, bring them all into Soundtrack Pro and then do something brilliant (but yet to be determined) with them.

I am interested in the idea of the obsessions of the artist--I think it is common for artists of all sorts to get to a point where they are continually rehashing this one idea or situation or image in their work, either consciously or subconsciously, and only when you are presented with a timeline of their work do you get to see these obsessions and how they operate.

I guess with this project I would like to explore the subconscious life of my text, in other words, to ask: What does my writing reveal when left to its own devices? What are its obsessions? What sorts of unexpected connections can be made across poems? What new meaning emerges when the text is forced into random interactions? Etc.

At this moment, I am thinking that this requires an element of randomness, or at least the semblance of randomness. I'm not exactly sure how I could accomplish this. Possibly with audio loops that naturally have different durations. I sort of am curious to see what happens when I am not entirely in control. Another tactic might be to have other people read my poems without my guidance or presence and see what happens, or to have many people read the same poems and see what happens. I think it will become clearer to me where I want to go with this after some initial experimentation.

March 31, 2008

Lisa Project 2

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March 20, 2008

Lisa--Visiting Artist Response

Amy Youngs' lecture

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March 3, 2008

Lisa : Project 2 Proposal

For my remake, I want to do the bathtub scene from Garden State. This choice was inspired by one of the drawings on learning to love you more (Lisa Dalton's post), but the scene after the one she drew is the only scene that makes the main character cry, and it's longer and more involved which I think is good. It starts with the two main characters sitting in the bathtub in which Largeman's mother recently drowned. He talks about a memory that he associates with his mother's necklace and is able to cry (one tear) for the first time in years. Sam, his friend/girlfriend captures the tear in a paper cup and then comforts him and they hug and talk about their feelings. I think the honesty and vulnerability of this scene, as well as its quirkiness with the bathtub and the paper cup, is what makes it attractive but also challenging to recreate.

I think it would be fun to play all the parts in this scene myself, but it will take some creative planning and probably a large doll. I plan to shoot this scene in my fiance's parents' bathroom which looks remarkably like the one in the actual movie, and it's big enough to set up a tripod in and still have room to move. The lighting in the scene is sort of warm so I might have to use lamps instead of the overhead light. Then I'll try to imitate all the shot setups with possibly some modifications due to me playing both parts. The only props I will need are a necklace with floaty balls (I'll either make something similar or try to find one of those puzzle games that has floaty balls) and a paper cup. Plus whatever I decide will represent the other character.

February 22, 2008

Lisa Project 1 : Where the Heart is

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February 4, 2008

Lisa Lipschultz : Project 1 Proposal

For my stop motion animation project, I want to do a love story through a sort of fluid membrane—possibly the surface of water—which will be represented by a sheet of fabric. The story will involve two lovers living on opposite sides of the membrane and struggling to have a relationship with this barrier perpetually between them. Eventually they figure out that they can break through the membrane to be together, but one person is always unhappy because both characters want to live on their own side of the membrane; they want their lover to come live with them. In the end, it doesn’t work out; the fluid solidifies or dries up and they no longer have access to each other.

This will be a photo based project with live and hopefully willing subjects. My plan is to start with the formation of the membrane, with the fabric crumpled up into a ball and then gradually spreading out and rising off the ground until the male subject appears underneath the fabric. The female subject (me, probably) will be watching this happen and then the characters will try to interact through the barrier of the fabric; there will be loving gestures, etc. Finally the female subject will get fed up with the situation and attempt to jump through to the guy’s side, and she’ll make it, and they will be very happy together…for a while. Then she’ll get homesick for her side and try to drag her lover back through. As much as he wants to be with her, he just cannot find a way to be happy on her side of the membrane, so he goes back to his side. After this happens, the membrane will gradually begin to disappear, taking him with it. The female subject will be very sad.

One of the tricks will be making the male subject appear underneath the membrane/surface. I think I’ll start with the fabric lying flat on the ground and then start putting pillows under it until it starts to resemble a human body and then replace the pillow with the actual person so it looks like he’s coming up through the floor almost. The second trick will be “passing through the membrane,? making it look like the characters are going back and forth through the fabric. This will involve placing pictures of the subject behind the fabric and then in front of it together, and possibly some other things that I have yet to work out.

My intention is to experiment with how fluidity can be portrayed in a more non-fluid medium. Also I thought fabric might have a lot of stop motion potential because you can do so many things with it (wrap people in it, pin it to things, throw it up in the air, fold/crinkle it, etc.). One video that helped me think about how I might use fabric is here: