May 7, 2008

Matt Final Project

April 21, 2008

Project Two: Dancer in the Dark - 107 steps

April 9, 2008

Matt W - Final Project

The idea for my video is still being formulated, but I have a strong urge to base the storyline around popular old actors, such as Woody Allen or Marlon Brando or Audrey Hepburn. I’m unsure as to whether I will make the characters seem as if they are within their own place in time or whether I will take their same characters out of their time periods and place them in another. I’m thinking the latter of the two would be very interesting and have a lot of options, as well as make it easier for each character to interact. The general idea that I have in my head working with all these characters is to make a movie about these characters all working on a movie together. So my video would seem almost like a documentary in a way because you would see a lot of the mistakes and production value side in the video.
Technical aspects that I know I will work with are largely the number of shots. Partly because I’m not sure how much action/interaction/excitement/etc. will come out of what is happening in the movie, so having a large number of shots to create interest will be important. Another reason I want to focus on shots is because I really saw how important and interesting shot variation is within just one scene, from doing our last project. I think that it adds a lot of interest, and like I said before, since I’m not exactly sure of the content in the video, I know I want to use shots as a key visual tactic for entertainment.
Another technical issue is going to be working with lighting. Since I plan on having my actual video have video footage shot as if another movie is going on within my video, then it will be important to make that evident. To use lighting in a way that distinguishes the movie footage from the other footage.
Another issue that I am concerned with is shot location and scene set-up. I would like the video to have a very “on-the-set? presence, but still be in more than just one location.

March 3, 2008

Matt W - Project 2 Proposal

The scene that I am choosing to re-enact is from the movie, Dancer In The Dark, starring Bjork as the main character. The scene is towards the end of the movie and it is Bjorks character, Selma, walking to her death sentence.
The scene involves Selma walking from her jail cell to the area where she will be hanged for murder. Selma is blind at this point in the movie, she had something wrong with her eyes where they gradually become worse and worse in the movie. Selma is actually very sweet, and has been wrongly charged with the death sentence after a terrible incident with a friend that wanted to die. Because Selma is blind she finds beauty in life through what she hears in the outside world around her. She often makes up songs from the noises she hears going on. The movie, and particularly this scene, turns into a musical. In this scene, there is a police woman who has taken a liking to Selma while she has been in prison. The police woman is helping Selma get up to walk to her death sentence and Selma is scarred and can’t do it. The police woman starts to march, so that Selma has some noise to listen to in her last moments of life. This is significant and emotional because earlier on in the movie when Selma is sitting in her jail cell talking to the police woman, Selma says that jail is so scary because it’s so quiet and she can’t stand to live with silence. Selma wonders if there is even marching from the prisoners that she can listen to, to make a song out of. So while Selma and the policewoman are marching, they start to count each step as they go and walk, as if they are Selma’s last steps and she is trying to add them up and take what life she has left along with her. The counting becomes very rhythmic and this is when Selma starts to hear a song out of it and starts singing. The scene signifies all that Selma has to live for and shows who she really is and it becomes very tragic to watch, especially because you know that she is going to be hanged.
I was given the idea to do this scene from my older sister. This is one of her favorite movies and the reason that she cried at this particular scene was because it is a
very powerful and touching moment to see both the great strength and fear in
Selma's character as she is walking to be hung.

February 29, 2008

Project 1

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February 4, 2008

matt w: project 1 proposal

I plan to make my video about a dream that seems real, where reality and dream states are interlocked. The beginning will start with me waking up in the morning and walking out into my living room. I'll continue to do a so-called "morning routine", making coffee and starting breakfast in my kitchen. Then I'll walk back out in the living room to sit down at my computer desk and glance out the window to see that something isn't right. The traffic and people outside will all be going backwards. I'll wipe my eyes in disbelief and look again and still see traffic and all moving backwards. I'll start to freak out and in doing so close the window shades.
This leads to the middle of the video, where most of the tricks will come in. I plan to use tricks by creating some computer animations. I'll have a shot of my window sill and then lay that over the animations I create to make it seem as if these dream-like images are really going on outside of my apartment window. I'll open the window shades back up and see something different, say, a giant stepping on buildings and destroying Minneapolis. Then, I'll close the blinds again and open them back up to see a UFO floating outside the window. Then the next time I open the blinds back up I'll see that there is a flood and the building is sinking. I'm still working through figuring out what else I might have happen and working tricks into it. For one of them, I know i want to try and incorporate some stop-motion affect to one of the views out of the window. In which case, it would probably be me floating around, so i would take a series of photos and crop myself out and then put them together in a way that it appears as if I'm floating outside of the window.
Then the end of the video will have me waking up again. I'll transfer back to me lying in bed, by transitioning from closing the blinds for good and zooming up on myself. So once I wake up, I'll repeat the beginning again, except this time it will be normal with no unnatural things going on. The end is suppose to show how everything that happened before then was just a dream I was having.
I was inspired with this idea for the video after watching the Science of Sleep. The movie changes from reality and the dreaming states of the main character really well throughout the whole movie. Also, using the window and outside things going on that could only happen if someone was imagining them in my video, was inspired by the movie also. There are scenes where the main character is in a room creating things and it represents his inner thoughts and then there are two windows that he looks out of that represent his eyes, and he is looking at the outside world.