May 5, 2008


My final project was a small educational video shot in a studio. I was inspired to do the video project by my 11 years old little sister. This was a very personal video for me. I have always wanted to do a documentary of some sort that brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together. Even though this project is very small to have the type of effect I want it to have, I believe the message is big. I started my final project first by writing a small script. After I was finished with it, I had to go out and look for different people to play the proper roles in the video. I was very happy to see how excited all the people I talked to were to help me out with my project. Rather than anything else, the idea and the message behind it was appealing to them the most.

One of the most important things for my video project was setting up the right lighting. Lighting is very crucial in video as it helps set the mood of the scene. From the very beginning I knew I wanted my video to be black and white. So I placed my subjects against a black background and I made them all wear black shirts so that they blend in with the background. I did that because I wanted their face to be the only thing that was being illuminated by the lighting. Basic three point lighting was what I used to create somewhat of a dramatic look. With the black and white picture, the image turned out to be a little bit darker than the color version. However, I felt like it gave the scene the dramatic feel I wanted. And as an audience member our center of attention goes straight to the faces of the people rather than anything else in the scene.

The most difficult part in making this video was creating continuity. Since different people have different ways of reading style and voice, it was hard trying to get everybody to read in the same tone and pace. Another problem was the different size of the people involved in the video. I had to try to put the people with the same size and body structure next to one another so that there won’t be a noticeable jump between one take to another. I originally wanted the skit to be not more than two minutes; however, after cutting out a small portion of it, I still couldn’t get it down to my two minute curve without distorting the message. At the end, it was a very good experience and I was happy with the end product. I plan to make many more of this type of educational videos in the future and this has helped to steer me on the right direction.

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April 23, 2008

TSINU- Artist Response

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April 21, 2008

TSINU-Final Project Proposal

I decided to change my project. i wanted to try something that might seem easy from a visual perspective. However, is something that can be used to critique society in this day and age. I'm going to shoot a short clip not more than 2 or 3 minutes. In the take I plan to have three or 4 people possibly with a mixture or men and women and also people from different ethnicity. We are living in a world where there is so much hate and violence. I have always wanted to make some type of documentary that talk about love and unity. Even though this project is by no means as big as a documentary, I want it to have the same type of powerful message.

Everyday so many horrible things are that happening in our world. Ever time you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, get online or read a magazine, its always talking about some type of terror. People are scared to leave their own house or talk to their neighbors because of all the terrible things you hear around you. So, that makes me want to ask this question? Where is our society going to? Is our world going to turn into a place where every one lives for him/her self? World is getting smaller and smaller by the minute, but people are hiding from one another just fast. We are living in a world where people can have hundreds of "Facebook" friends they have never met in person, while they don't know the name of their next door neighbor who has been living there for 10 years.

I want to make a video clip that criticizes today's technology driven society. We are all so wrapped up in our own small world, so focused on on our own small problems, sometimes we fail to see there is a big world out there full of people. I want to bring people from different background and race in this small project and have them talk about the same thing in a why that emphasizes that we all want the same thing in life. This is Love, peace and health.

April 7, 2008


The scene I chose to re-create is from the 2005 movie Crash. The fact that it’s a film that had a big impact on a lot of people including me, made me choose this film and the particular scene. Even though it didn’t seem hard at first, I found it very challenging to try and recreate the highly emotional scene. One of my main focuses was trying to stay true to the original scene to have the same emotional impact on the audience. The camera angle, characters movement and the music all together help bring high intensity to the scene.

The climax of the scene happens when the little girl gets shot. Even though I wasn’t successful in finding a little girl that resembles the age of the original character, with the right set up, I was sure I can create the same emotional impact. The main thing I noticed the filmmaker used to intensify the original scene is slowing down the action so that the audience can be left hanging for a little while guessing what’s going to happen next. It almost feels like a dream sequence. As the music starts to get louder, the action gets faster. The music does a very good job setting up the firing of the gun in the original scene, and that’s exactly what I chose to do for my re-enactment.

I shot the scene on a late afternoon so that the lighting of the scene resembles the original film scene. However, since I shot the scene in two different days, the next day happened to be a little darker than the first. So, I had to set up lighting to get the same feeling of a let afternoon sun. And I think it worked out pretty well for the most part. One of the major things I had a problem with, was audio. Since it was a very windy afternoon, the Boom Mic picked a lot of the back ground noise. On top of that, the camera was not calibrated the right way with the field audio mixer. So, the audio picked too much with a lot of static. Because of this reason, I was forced to do post dubbing for the audio. This I think might have taken some quality away from the scene. However, I made it work to the best of my abilities. And looking at the end product, if I had a little bit more time to shoot I could have had a better project. However, depending on the circumstances that were very limiting, it turned out pretty decent.

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March 5, 2008


The scene I am going to be working with for this project comes from the winner of best motion picture in the 78th Annual Academy Awards, CRASH. When I told my friend the perimeter of this project, he told me only one scene comes to his mind. He said the scene where the little girl gets shot, made him cry when he first watched the movie CRASH and he admitted that he still gets nervous about it. I was surprised he chose this scene because this same scene happens to be one of my all time favorite scenes. Afterwards, I went online and surf the net to see what other people’s take was in this particular scene. Not surprisingly, a lot of people are touched and were forced to tear up by this powerful scene. And this gave me the extra motivation to take up this rather hard task with an effort to recreate this powerful scene that touched the lives of many.

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February 25, 2008


For my stop-motion-animation project, I used the camera to tell a story of a young man who magically transfers from one place to another every time he clicks the TV remote controller. I have always been fascinated with humans and their interaction with time and space. Various technological advances have made our world a lot smaller than it use to be many years ago. So, for my project, I decided to take that notion a step forward and have my character jump from one place to one another at the click of a button. Through the use of moving pictures, the interaction between time and space is manipulated.

My short clip consists of three main different scenes. Two of them take place indoors and one is outdoors in day light. In order to make the transition from one scene to another more believable and realistic, I had to adjust my color balance and hold the same camera position. The fist scene begins with my subject walking in to his empty apartment. We follow his actions across the apartment space until he is situated on the couch in front of the TV. The shot where we see the making of the jelly sandwich is placed to in a way to prepare the audience for what is to come.

The first transformation happens in the couch shot. The subject picks up the remote control to flip the channel, but in stead of the TV channel clearly audible in the back ground changing, the entire apartment space changes. The completely different outside setting is meant to symbolize the significance of the transformation. There is a noticeable difference in the space and time of the day. The hard cold wind and snow on the ground blowing from one side to another is meant to give the scene a very secluded and surreal look. The pace of the action is manipulated by freezing frames and adding music so that certain shots can stand out more. Once more our subject points the remote directly towards the camera and clicks a button. That of course is used to help transfer the scene in to a different place.

The third and the last scene is the only one we are introduced to others characters. However, we soon discover it doesn’t last long. Once more in this scene, I tried to keep the same shot composition so that the illusion of the surrounding changing not the subject can be created. In this particular scene, sound plays an important role in creating the mood. The couple of laugh tracks added in the scene show our subject who appeared to be alone in earlier scenes, enjoying himself for the first time in the presence of a girl. When we get the shot of the remote traveling by itself, a sound of heavy heart beat is played in the sound track. That of course completely changes the mood of the scene. The scene that was filled with laughter and good conversation immediately flips to a darker atmosphere. At this moment, the audience should be anticipating for something bad to happen. A new figure is introduced to the scene. He picks up the remote and points it to our subject and his lovely companion. The same remote that got him to this happy place, is in the verge of taking it all away. That’s when the entire frame freezes. And the only thing we can hear is the heavy sound of a heart beat. The screen goes black leaving the audience to decide what is to happen to our subject and the girl.

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February 4, 2008

TSINU HERAMO-Project 1 proposal

My stop-motion animation is going to focus on the manipulation of time and space by the camera. In the manner of a one man show, our subject is going to travel from one place to another in a way that is going to defy reality. Through the use of editing I will try to apply different tricks that are going to make those unrealistic scenarios believable.
My story begins with a guy walking into his empty Apartment. After checking what’s in the fridge he walks to the couch and takes a sit. He stares at the dark screen of the TV and looks for the remote to see what’s on. He looked too lazy to get up and fetch the remote, so in stead, he calls the remote with a finger motion. And funny enough, the remote starts crawling to the couch. After watching the sports channel for a while, he then picks up the remote once more and flips the channel to see what else is on. Only this time, when he presses the button on the remote, instead of the channel switching on the TV screen, the entire place changes and he finds himself in a different location.
He now finds himself outside sitting on a bench. To emphasize that the weather is cold and chilly he would rub his arms and shiver a little. On the right side of the bench lays a brown bag which would turn into a hot coffee cup when our subject puts his hands on it. He takes a sip and shows a face of satisfaction. After looking around for a bit, he picks up the remote one more time, points to the camera, and changes the channel once more. Which takes the scene to a different location one more time.

When this scene opens, he is sitting in a quite study room. This time there is a pretty girl sitting next to him. He turns to the right and gives her a flirtatious look. She too will turn to him and give him a quick smile. After exchanging a pleasant smile back and forth, he slides to her side. She then recognizes his advances and closes her books to give him her full attention. At that same moment, the remote that was laying next to him will start moving by itself. It slowly makes its way half way through the sidewalk before it gets stomped on by the foot of a stranger. Which will then picks up the remote takes a good look at it. At that moment, our main subject looks up as this new guy was staring at the remote with a curiosity. Upon realizing the guy was about to switch the channel just when he was starting to enjoy the show, he reacts to stop him from pressing on the button. Unfortunately, it was too late and brings our main subject back to his starting point. His quiet living room. He turns to the right and notices the remote beside him. He then picks it up and quickly tries to get back to the earlier moment. However, he founds out that moment of magic has already passed. With a look of disappointment and a cold smile, he turns the TV off and lays down on the couch.