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Emmanuel: Project 1 Proposal

While thinking about this project I have decided I would like to perhaps portray an object moving between the 2 dimensional world (a flat piece of paper, a wall, the floor, etc) to the three dimensional world. Maybe a drawing of a person would become a real person, or perhaps a painting mounted on the wall would emerge from the frame. I think the subject would be challenging in figuring out how to accomplish a well thought out transition between these two mediums. The story I imagine begins with the 2 dimensional object, maybe moving slightly, and progresses to its escape to a three dimensional world. The object, whether it be a person, animal, inanimate object, etc., would explore its new surroundings and then retreat back to the two dimensional space, accompanied by funny sound effects of course.
I think the tricks I would use for this would be on the more subtle side, as far as they would mostly be fade-ins and outs, and perhaps different changes in the frame-rate pace to accentuate different moments in the animation. I think I will shoot for more subtle tricks simply because I want the subject or story to hold more of the viewer's attention than the “dazzling? animations. The story is a simple one, dealing with exploration of a new place, and I would like to maintain a simple aesthetic. The transitions I think will help me to convey a sense of time, as well as speeding up the frame rates will add urgency to specific moments, such as the leap into the three dimensional space.

As for the logistics of creating this project, I think it would be interesting to create or use a painting, and model a sculpture of an element of that painting, and use various animation techniques to try and merge the two into a single object during the animation. I will probably use something pretty easy to work with and to move, such as cardboard, simply because I do not want to make various plaster-casts or clay figurines for each frame, but would rather have one object which is mobile and can be posed in various ways. I plan to cut together the pictures and then score the animation afterward, or at the very least add sound effects to add another layer to the experience of viewing the movie. I don't want it to be too serious, and hopefully it will be a least a little humorous.
While brain-storming this project, I searched for inspiration, and came across a video by and artist named Blu who did a particular stop motion animation entitled “Muto? (youtube.com) painted along a wall outdoors. If possible, I will try and find a place where I too can use an outdoor wall, as I really enjoyed the interaction between the animation and the physical environment... Although something tells me it will be pretty difficult to find someone willing to have me paint all over their walls.