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Jonathon: project 1 proposal

I'm feeling pretty casual this morning, so here's to wishing whoever reads this a good day. It is a blog after all.

Over the last few days I've been gathering a handful of ideas, and have came close to what I'll probably use for my project. I have a solid establishing and finishing scene, but the middle plot needs some work. Here are my ideas:

When I was thinking of stop motion movies in general, I couldn't help but feel that the claymation concept is either horribly dated, or if it is used, needs to be lampooned. So, with that idea in mind, I wanted to establish my movie with an intro shot of a small clay figure walking down a sidewalk alongside some backdrop, most likely a house. After a few seconds the scene will shift to a man at his desk.

The second sequence will involve a story about a man's journal, and how it has aided to assist the man through the trials of life. The only reason I have apprehensions about this concept is that it is inherently more somber, or at least serious, compared to my intro shot. I haven't worked out the transition yet.

The story will involve a basic guideline of establishing nuisances in photo, then showing a man in angst consulting his journal. As the timeline progresses, each time the man consults his journal there will be another person standing by him attempting to aid him. Eventually the room will be full of people, words, and ideas, that will ease his weariness. As the shot comes to a close the man will get up, noticeably happier, and turn of the light. As it fades to black, the shot will switch to the clay man on the street.

Now in the outside scene, the clay man will continue to walk down the street for a few seconds before the shot pans out. The shot that contained the clay man will, now that it's in a wider angle, reveal a door along side the house to the left. The man from the journal plot will step outside, still in stop go animation. The shots will then speed up until the film switches to 24 fps right before the man steps on the clay figure. In a live action shot, the man will then look down scrape or brush of the clay (brown with red innards) and continue walking down the sidewalk. Cue credits.

For the fabrication of these ideas, I intend to use Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and maybe Adobe Flash. If time permits I will also probably include a music score, either from GarageBand or from pieces of non copyrighted classical music.