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Jordain Chinander Project 1

Media Mill Video

Arts 1601: Time and Interactivity
Jordain K. Chinander

Project 1: Animation

My initial ideas for this project underwent several changes and eventually evolved into a completely different concept than the one I had begun with. This project was created using a collogue technique with multiple visual elements. I also incorporated two computer transitions as well as four of my own transitions using newspaper imagery. The concept of time was played with by utilizing both multiple quick clips to show energy and urgency, as well as prolonged slow clips to show importance and boldness. I feel that the overall final product was a success, and though extremely time-consuming in it’s making, I had a great deal of fun composing it.

My initial idea was to be a film in which a live character would interact with a drawn figure. This idea was abandoned however because the complex nature of this concept would have proven to be too difficult to create in the given time to complete the project. So after some thinking I began to gravitate towards new ideas. I eventually decided to make a comedic animation that played on the cliché of old Godzilla-like monster movies.

I struggled at first in trying to decide upon the right form of media for the project. I thought about having drawn images, using still photos of real-life characters, and even clay animation. Unable to decide upon which format I liked best I settled on doing a collage styled animation. In choosing this method I was able to use my own drawn images of a giant monster, I incorporated still shots of my fiancé in our apartment, and I also used cut out magazine pictures and still photos of cityscapes and military vehicles. I was somewhat perplexed at first as to how I was going to blend them all together into one animation, but as I proceeded the elements all seemed to fall into place.

For the trick requirement I placed two computer made transitions as well as a few of my own. I also included a scene where a real-life character interacts with a drawn one in the apartment scene in front of the window.

I played with time by have some scenes composed of multiple quick images, like when the monster is trampling the city, and having slower ones, like when the real-life character sits before the monster outside his window. There are scenes even slower yet, like the ones with prolonged shots of people running through the city. I chose these shots to be slow and long to emphasize the importance and desperation in those particular moments in the animation.

I feel I must speak a little about my choice to not use sound. I wanted to have the imagery and actions of the animation speak for themselves. I also wanted the chance to add in text to create an added comedic element to the project. I feel that this was achieved in the project nicely.

The project was to me an overall success and I feel very proud of my work. I spent countless hours creating it but I feel that it was a small price to pay for what I have to show for it. I feel I met all the requirements and brought them together in a fun and unified way. I am excited to see what the next project has in store for me.