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Jordain: Project One Proposal

Project One Proposal: Stop Motion Animation
By: Jordain K. Chinander

For this project I would like to incorporate animated drawn images along with an actual human character. The story will play with the concept of time by using still images taken at varied durations of time during the film’s course of action. The story will be composed of a beginning, middle, and end. It is meant to generate creative thinking and interest in the viewer.

The project will include a single human character and a set of drawn images that will appear to become animated when they are snapshot in a rapid succession illustrating minor changes in detail to suggest motion.

I want to bring together two seemingly different worlds, namely the “real? one and the animated one, and blur the boundaries of their distinctions from one another. This goal will be accomplished through their active interaction with each other in the short film.

The concept of time will be actively engaged through the manipulation of still images taken at varied times through out the film’s course of motion. The images at times will be set with greater periods of time in between them when focused on the human. This will make the character seem less animated and more posed. Whereas there will be many still images captured with less time between each caption of the drawing, giving the drawing the allusion of animated interaction with the character and the viewer.

The story will be simply composed of a direct story line. That is to say it will consist of a beginning, middle and an end. The beginning of the film introduces a lonely artist hard at work drawing in front of his drafting table. Before him sits some paper his pencil and a mirror. Upon closer examination the viewer will see that this artist’s face is composed of paper. He is vacant and without expression. Next the viewer will be shown the artist’s drawing. It is of a face. However this face is not of any imagined origins, but rather a likeness of the artist’s supposed face. As though it were brushed by a touch of magic, the drawing comes to life and begins to talk to the paper-faced artist. The drawing then urges him to lift up the mirror and gaze into it. Reluctant at first, the artist inevitably placates the drawing fulfilling its wishes and looking into the hand mirror set across the drafting table. The viewer sees the backside of the mirror as it is lowered to reveal the artist has been given a face. The film ends with the artist glancing down at his drawn counterpart to be surprised by the sight of an empty page before him.

The layout of this film is not to be a straightforward and entirely comprehensive narrative, but rather an interesting set of unrealistic events geared to inspire abstract thoughts of the surrounding world. It is meant to be a message to the viewer to start seeing the reality in the imagined and to see the unreliable nature of the real world. Also I hope for it to help the viewer to see him or herself in the work he or she creates and the things he or she surrounds himself or herself with.