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Lauren: Project 1 Proposal

For my stop-motion animation project I am going to have more of a narrative storyline. With the narrative the story will have a beginning, middle, and end. I am going to tell the story of a dog who is hungry and his other dog friends refuse to share their own hard earned food with him. Therefore he must find his own and inevitably passes by a sandwich shop. Of course in the shop dogs are not allowed in and so the dog must try to sneak into the shop in order to get a sandwich. The middle part of the story is the many ways the dog attempts to get into the shop without the manager spotting him and throwing him out. I really love Chaplin and Buster Keaton films and for the middle part of narrative, in particular, I'm using those films as an influence for the attempts the dog is going to make in trying to get into the store. The dog will definitely be engaging in some physical comedy in attempt to get his sandwich. However, in the end the dog will be successful and end up getting his sandwich.

The tricks that I'm thinking of using are time-based and maybe object-based. With a time-based trick I'm planning on doing a slow-motion technique where the dog is leaping through the air at an open window. With the slow-motion the leaping will become more exaggerated and provide tension to see if the dog will make it. For the other trick I'm thinking in terms of an object-based one where the dog is so hungry that he thinks he sees someone holding food but when he lunges for it, it turns into a different object that wasn't food at all.

For the moment I am pretty intent on using drawings to convey this narrative but I may also include collage and build a set, though I'm still working on whether I will do that or not. I'm still not sure though how I will be using sound in my project. I know that it would definitely be better with some sort of music or sound effects when the dog attempts to get into the store. Because I'm basing it off of silent movies I know that a soundtrack definitely enhances the storyline - so I will have to figure out what kind of music/sound would work best. But overall with this project I wanted to make a story that people would enjoy and find some humor in.