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Tyler Project 1 Proposal

Project 1 Proposal
Stop Motion Animation

For my stop motion animation projet I will attempt to show a day in the life of a University of Minnesota Student. This will include (because I am a commuter) a drive to school, riding the bus from class to class, relaxation time, class time, study time and of course fighting through the lines of getting a meal.

I will use time tricks in making the relaxing times during a day seem like time slows down but during the busy, almost frantic, times of the day will seem like they happen quicker and in a less organized way. I hope to use a combination of video and stop motion animation in my film.

I will try to include at least one object trick although I haven’t been able to develop an idea around that yet. I have thrown around ideas of not being able to find something, or thinking that you have your homework in class ready to turn in and then its just not there.

Because my film will be taking the viewer through a day, it will very easily have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning of the day will be represented by the commute to school as well as getting prepared for the days classes. The middle of the day will include classes, a meal, and travelling around campus, while the end of the day will include a reflection on the day that was and looking ahead to thenight of homework now facing the student.

Although my film will be more straight forward and not have many abstract concepts involved in it, I hope to be able to make the viewer interested in my film through seeing the humor and parody involved in my film. The viewer will hopefully feel as if they are living the day that the student is going through and in that way find themselves in the film.

Although my idea is very basic, I have a few different ideas that I am less confident about that may find their way into the film. My idea for this film is still in the infant stages and I would not be surprised if my idea was changed at least in a small way before the finished project is seen.