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Amy Project 2 Final Writeup

Media Mill Video

The movie I chose to adapt my second project from is The Notebook. The scene of my project is the final scene from the film. In the previous scene, Noah had just had a heart attack. After his recovery, he decides to sneak into Allie's room to visit her. He feels guilty for not having been able to read to Allie from their notebook, as this is typically a daily routine. He enters her room and kneels by the side of her bed. Noah begins speaking to Allie and she wakes. In the movie, she is suffering from Alzheimer's. The notebook Noah reads to Allie consists of their story, meant to jog her memory. During the scene, Allie is able to remember and recognize her husband as the Alzheimer's momentarily recedes. The two discuss the possibility of their love, hoping their love can take them away together that night. They fall asleep holding hands. In the morning, the floor nurse comes to wake Allie. Instead, she finds Noah and Allie; they have both passed on. I chose this scene because I found the scene to be very emotional when I first watched it, even after already having read the book. Furthermore, I felt the emotions would be easy to convey as a scene by itself, with or without prior knowledge of the movie.

I approached this project deciding to parallel the movie scene as accurately as possible. I began detailing out each shot into a story board, which included notating the sound, taking snapshots of the images, notating the camera angles, and notating the camera movement. In order to imitate the scene, my parents played the roles of Noah and Allie, as they're older and would be more believable than actors my age. I played the role of the nurse. Originally, I planned to check out lights to portray the unique lighting in the scene. However, equipment checkout couldn't find any of the light kits when I went to pick them up so I had to do without. Therefore, in order to have the correct lighting, I chose to first fully light the scene while filming so the shots were clear. Then, I decided to edit in Final Cut Pro. Even though the filters made the image less clear, I ended up really liking this because the scene is quite dark and grainy in the original movie. I ended up using slight blue tinting and varying amounts of contrast to match the particular darkness in each shot. In terms of the shot location, I used the only bedroom available that had a single bed with white walls, as the room in the movie was plain. Costumes were created using things already owned, such as the robes and glasses. In terms of the process, I had the original movie up along with my story board. We shot scene by scene, attempting to mimic each shot. Finally, regarding sound, I used the original soundtrack from the movie. While the music playing during the scene was not available, I felt the track used fit well with the scene too. Additionally, due to various camera locations, I needed to adjust the sound in editing so they both could be heard. Tyler pointed out in peer critique that my mom was sometimes softer. Therefore, I played with toggling the clips so she was easier to hear.

The project was meant to obviously portray the emotions of the scene. It's a classic tear-jerking chick flick. However, one could also argue that it explores the connection sometimes created between death and romance. In other forms of media, there are examples of this connection as well. For instance, in a Death Cab for Cutie song, the message is, "Love is watching someone die." Similarly, in a previous New York Time's best seller, The Pact, the two soul-mate characters enter into a suicide pact. All of these use a rather morbid way to demonstrate the lengths someone would go for the people they love. Additionally, this scene shows how difficult it is to imagine life without someone and how in some cases, one just doesn't want to. Another prime example of this notion can be found through Winnie the Pooh when he said, "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."