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Amy: Project 2 Proposal

My scene will be based on a particular scene from the movie, The Notebook. The scene is one of the final scenes in the film. In the scene, Noah visits Allie in her nursing home room after she had a health scare. Noah begins to speak, and Allie wakes. For those few moments, her Alzheimer’s recedes, allowing her to recognize Noah as her husband. The two discuss the possibility of their love, hoping their love can take them away together. They fall asleep holding hands. In the morning, the floor nurse comes to check on Allie. Instead, she finds Noah and Allie still holding hands. They have both passed on. I chose this scene because I found the scene to be very emotional. Furthermore, I felt the emotions would be easy to convey as a scene by itself, with or without prior knowledge of the movie.

This scene will be created with the help of my family members. They will be playing the roles of Noah and Allie, while I will play the role of the nurse. Regarding my proposed technique, I will storyboard each shot during the scene. This way, I will be able to note important camera angles, camera movement, and set lighting. Furthermore, it will assist in my planning of how to pull off the angles and execute the camera movement. I plan on utilizing lights. Even though the majority of the scene is taking place in the middle of the night, adequate lighting is necessary for the scene to film clearly. Therefore, in order to have the scene appear as a night scene, I feel tinting and toning would be appropriate effects to use. In terms of the shoot location, the scene will be shot in a bedroom. However, I am unsure which bedroom to use. The room used in the film is plain and empty. Such a room might be difficult to find in order to mirror the feel of a nursing home. The props required in this scene are minimal. The most important element in terms of props is the costume element. The costumes will involve robes or pajamas to echo the costumes in The Notebook. Finally, I have not decided how to approach the sound. One option is to create my own music that will imitate the music used during the scene. The second option is to use the appropriate track from the movie soundtrack if available.