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Brett Westgor Project 1

Media Mill Video

As soon as I started creating my stop-motion animation project, I knew the whole story was going to flip around. At first my project was going to be about a penguin that pulled objects out of his hat hoping to find something useful to get him off an iceberg lost as sea. As time went on, I worked with my project longer and found that I wanted to create something stranger. I drew my story on a total of three different sheets of paper. I would draw a picture, take a photo, and then change the picture slightly followed by another photo.
The beginning of my story starts out the same as I intended with a penguin asleep on the ice. Soon the sun melts the ice and the penguin begins to drift out to sea. When he wakes up, he finds he is not where he wants to be. He picks up his hat and puts it on his head. Soon the hat grows bigger and he disappears inside of it as it swallows his body. The camera zooms in on the hat and the picture fades into another scene. I felt this was a great time to start another piece of paper. It also gave me a chance for a transition in the story itself.
In the next scene, the camera backs away from the center of his eye and freezes for a second showing his face in a blank stare. The lighting changes in order to suggest that he is nowhere near the time or place he was on the iceberg. Within his eye, a second penguin is shown and this penguin is colored in black. Within the second penguin’s eye, a third penguin appears that is also in white. The penguin colored in black is the original penguin while the others are colorless and almost expressionless. As the black penguin blinks, he gets rid of the smallest colorless penguin. He then looks up to realize that the biggest penguin is going to do the same to him. As he begins to scream for help, he is blinked away. The largest penguin then pours out a black blob, which is what’s left of the original penguin. The blob slides down his backside and down to the bottom end of the page. I felt it was best to start another piece of paper for the last scene.
For the last part of the story, I drew everything backwards in order to show the pencil marks disappearing instead of growing throughout the paper and movie. The penguin falls from the sky as a black blob and is pulled together again at the same point from which he started. Drawing out this project took a lot of work and time. If I had the chance to re-start, I would definitely do it a different way. I do admit though, it was fun to see my pictures in action after I had finished.