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Emily Project 1

Media Mill Video

I have decided to change my initial proposal to something completely different. After a lot of thinking, I have decided to create a story using photography to display an animated dance-off between me and Jello. The series will start out with and introduction titled "dance off" "me vs. Jello" and various information to let the audience get an idea of the basic concept. I will be using stop-motion photography to display a fluid animated movement of myself and then the jello, bouncing back and forth between the two to give the illusion of a dance-off or competition. Music will change at each series change. Meaning, each time the focus switched from me to the jello, or jello to me, the music will change to create a dynamic of difficulty and competition. I will also use varied time intervals of photographs to show slow-motion and fast-motion contrasts between dance moves. This will create a matrix type of appearance at times and give the dancing dimension. Using different colors and molds of the jello, for a trick, the jello will appear to change drastically at times and take on a life of it's own.
In the end, I chase the jello and decide that eating it is a much better idea. After a Hectic chase, I finally catch the jello, and gobble it down. The final scene series will end with a happy me, and the jello saying "yay" from my belly. Which I will try to animate using a trick by holding a drawing of jello in front of my belly as if to have an inside view and to display the written word "yay" on the side like a comic book script to show the jello actually displaying an audio representation without the actual use of it's sound.