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For this coming week

Katinka is in China

Monday, 27 October and Wednesday, 29 October

1. Monday is an open workday.

2. Wednesday you will all meet in our classroom to participate in Rough Draft Reviews. Class will begin at 10 am.

Here are your groups:

1. Dane, Amy, Tyler

2. Emily, Alex, Brett

3. Swan, Kaonhou, Lauren

4. Emmanuel, Johnathon, Jordain

Please be critical and thoughtful during your reviews. Trust your instincts and speak your mind. This process is meant to help you develop your projects, to really craft the edit and hone in on the emotive quality of your project. Remember, the ultimate goal is make us see and feel why you this scene made you cry!

When you write about your project for the day of critique, you must talk about this peer review process.

We will have critique on Monday, 11 November.

You project writing and media must be posted to the blog by critique time, 9am. Follow the same instructions as you did for project 1.

I look forward to seeing your projects!