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Jordain Chinander Project 2

ArtS 1601 Time and Interactivity
Jordain K. Chinander

Project Two Proposal

For this project I would like to re-enact a scene from the movie The Land Before Time. It was my favorite movie as a child and seems to be the modal for other movies that make me cry. I will act out the scene with my mother co-starring the scene. I will use minimal props and a suggestive but unrelated set. I will also place the theme song the movie sung by Diana Ross, softly beneath the dialogue. I do not think that this re-enactment will have the same emotional effects on the viewer that it had on me at age five, however it will still be of interest to watch no doubt.

I chose the movie The Land Before Time because as a young child I would watch the animated feature over and over yet each time I saw the early scene in the movie where the main character Little-foot’s mother dies I would cry. I usually skipped over that part because it made me so sad. I continuously had nightmares of my own mother dying based on that movie. Later I found similar situations brought me to tears as well. For instance the movie Bambi and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape both made me very emotionally distraught when the mother character dies in each of those two. Each of these movies made me fear I would lose my mother too. I believe the fear was distilled in me at an early age from watching the Land Before Time.

Because the deep-rooted fear I have of losing my mother is the real reason I believe for being so moved by this movie, I want to act out the scene with my mother. She will play the role of Little-foot’s mother and I will play Little-foot.

The scene require few props only some suggestive costuming to imply that we are dinosaurs and the set will be consisted of a bland and dark room with a plain bed to hit at the scenery in the movie.

My mother will lie on the bed and act as Little-foot’s dying mother speaking her last words to him. I will kneel beside the bed speaking with her and hearing her final instructions to me.

The scene will be either filmed from a tri-pod at various angles and positions unmanned, or I will use a family member to manually film each shot.

I know that this movie is really emotionally charged for me personally, and that I may even have difficulty re-enacting it, however I think that from the audience point of view it will be comedic. Whether the audience finds the scene sad or humorous I think that this will be a very therapeutic assignment nonetheless.