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Kaonhou Project 2 Proposal

For the second project, I will be remaking a scene from the film, A Little Princess. This film based off a book by the same title was one of the first books I read as a kid, and I remember just bawling throughout the entire book. I watched the movie not long afterwards, and I cried, as well. It was one of the first films that I felt stayed true to the book.

I have chosen the scene that takes place not long after Sara discovers that her father died in the war, and to make up for the debts that she has incurred at the boarding school, she has to work there as a maid. She is lying awake in her room, and Becky, the African American slave, asks Sara from the room over to tell her about India. Sara looks at the birthday gift that Becky gave her, which is a hand sewn pillow with images of India. They fall asleep, and Sara awakens to the snow falling outside. This is when Sara regains the "magic" of her storytelling. The way it was filmed was so beautiful that I cried. I don't cry over it nowadays, but it still touches my heart.
You can find the scene I'm talking about here. It takes place 5:19 minutes into this video segment, and lasts for about 3 minutes.

My two sisters will play the parts of Sara and Becky, and I will be playing the part of the Indian guy that lives next door to the school. I will be changing the story line a little. For example, the names of all the characters will be changed, but their personalities will stay the same. Also, instead of dreaming about India, the character will be dreaming of a kingdom in China. The reason for these changes is because I want to remake the scene to fit the legend of the Hmong kingdom. Today, there still exists stories and prophecies that claim that the Hmong will get their kingdom back. Even though I don't believe in this story, there's a lot of creativity and possibilities that can be explored and captured.